Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More will be revealed

I am traveling for the next week or so. We are exploring the Southwestern US and having a wonderful time. I am taking tons of pictures. A couple days ago I posted the rainbow pictures from Moab, but it was a struggle! I am using Ray's little laptop and getting my photos from there to here is cumbersome and time-consuming and I am without Photoshop, which I rely on for tweaking my photos and getting the horizons level and the colors true, so I decided I would wait until I get home to post only the best of my photos.

We are in Santa Fe for a couple of days and staying in a beautiful B&B. Walked down to the plaza last night and had a wonderful dinner. Going to check out some art museums and galleries today! It is gorgeous here. Hope you are having a beautiful day wherever you are today.

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  1. What B&B is it? If you feel you can recommend it, let me know. We are headed that way next spring. Leigh