Friday, November 25, 2011

It may never look this good again!

I have been making the studio spiffy and polished. Tomorrow we are having an Open House to show off the new studio and greenhouse and kick off the holiday season. I needed this deadline to get a lot of things finished.

Here is the wall where my stash and art supplies are stored. The fabric ended up being more than the tubs could hold, so I added shelves above. I love having all my tools and art supplies handy, but behind the closed doors of the two big cupboards.

We moved my cutting table out and I made a curtain to cover the open shelves under the table. I loved this IKEA decorator fabric, but it is goofy stuff. There is no possible way to match the pattern when using two lengths. I lined up the repeat—best I could do.

I have had the treadle sewing machine since I was about 10 years old. I learned to sew on it and have carried around through every move we've made. It still works and assures that I can sew if the power fails. It has been stored in the garage for the past three years. I got a nice surprise when I opened one of the drawers.

I'm rich!

I wanted our guests to see some of my work, so I have hung a lot of my quilts around the studio. The design wall was a great spot for a bunch of small work.

Even the bathroom has gotten some attention. The laundry sink has a small water heater and metal pan under it, which is kind of an eyesore. I made a little skirt to cover it.

For years I have been saving postcards—the kind you buy in art museums, or pick up in galleries, or send out for shows or get for other people's shows. I have started sticking them to the bathroom wall. This is just the beginning. I need to remember where I have been saving them!

The Ecuadorean roof crosses ended up over the bathroom door.

My son-in-law, as the designer of the building, is an honored guest. He is hanging several of his paintings too.

I hope to see a lot of friends tomorrow! It will actually probably be the first time some have seen my work. It will be nice to show them what I actually do. It's sometimes hard to explain.


  1. I wish you a fun and festive open house. I hope that someday I can come and get a tour of the greenhouse and studio!

  2. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Thank you for posting the great pictures. I am sad to miss the big reveal but feel I am not completely left out. Have fun tomorrow!!

  3. Going to be there with bells on, would not miss the unveiling for the world!!

  4. I know it probably feels like it took forever from start to finish, but to me it feels like the blink of an eye since the very first pics of the site. What a wonderful studio!

    Having an open house moves you along to get the little touches added. That's always a good thing.

    It would be fun out here to see some pics of the finished greenhouse too.

    Have a great Open House and enjoy! You made such good decisions all the way along.

  5. Anonymous6:02 AM

    Your studio looks great. Thanks for sharing, I am always looking for good storage ideas and like your shelf system.


  6. Your 'grand opening' today will be a happy, happy day. You have everything looking grand. I agree with Sequana about wanting to see some photos of the greenhouse as well when you have time.

  7. Oh what a wonderful space! Here's to a joyful time, both at the Open House and thereafter. Thanks for sharing... now, to go USE my studio! Happiest of holidays to you all, hugs, Sarah

  8. What a delightful place. It deserves a Grand Opening.
    How do you stick postcards to the wall so they don't mar the surface? Or are they permanent?

  9. I started using some double-sided removable gel-like tape to stick up the postcards. They kept falling off the wall and took bits of paint with them. I gave up and am using white glue, so they are probably permanent and, sadly, I lose the info on the back, but it's the pictures we want, anyway. Right?

  10. Anonymous2:31 PM

    What a perfect weekend for a grand opening and gathering of friends and family. We are having one tomorrow to celebrate two birthdays, and it seems a perfect time as the holiday season begins.

    On another note about putting your post cards on the wall, you might try museum putty. It goes by different names, and my package is called Quake Hold! It is often used on the bottom corners of framed pieces to hold them in place. It is removable and reusable, and I have had great success with it.

  11. What a beautiful studio tour. And a happy workspace. Thanks for sharing the building along the way!
    Martha Ginn

  12. Looks great! Wish I could visit.

  13. It was a lovely party. You could've titled it "It May Never Look This Crowded Again." Both Jerry and I enjoyed talking with Cayo about his design process, and seeing him so obviously pleased with his accomplishment. I can't believe how big Marco's gotten, and what a fashionista Sofia's become!

  14. What a beautiful end result Terry. Have fub creating in this new space

  15. It looks great! I was so disappointed to miss it. With family in town, I just couldn't get away. I have a stack of those postcards too.

  16. What a fabulous space! I hope it doesn't stay neat very long.