Sunday, November 27, 2011

The party and the greenhouse

My pictures of our Open House turned out terrible for the most part. I was distracted by being a hostess and did not do such a good job as a photographer. Here is a crowd scene, early on.

My granddaughter decided my stool was the perfect place to perch and watch the goings on. She got to visit with everyone who came by to fill a plate. We had a nice turnout and saw lots of friends. I especially enjoyed meeting and talking to some of our neighbors.

We hung three of Cayo, my son-in-law's, paintings on the stairway. He got a lot of compliments, both on his paintings and on the studio design.

Here are Cayo and baby Marco on the porch. Cayo did such a great job as our architect!

Down at the other end of the porch is the entrance to the greenhouse.

As you can see, Ray has started filling it with plants. Some he has purchased, many he has propagated from other plants. I didn't get any good pictures in the greenhouse yesterday, but I went in today and got a couple. Ray is still doing some painting and finish work inside, but is using the greenhouse.

He has a sink, work table and storage at one end. His tools and plants fill the rest of the space.

The vent at the top of this picture fascinates me. It opens when the temperature reaches a certain temperature and closes again when the temperature drops to a certain temperature. It uses no power, not even solar power. It works by means of expansion and contraction of a chemical in the mechanism.


  1. I don't know which I am more envious of - your studio or Ray's greenhouse. Both are beautiful and the design is fantastic. Wishing you many years of enjoyment and creativity.

  2. Green house is the good theme to living environmentally touch.

  3. Beautiful studio and greenhouse. I have enjoyed sharing the journey through your blog. Thank you.

  4. Terry, it's beautiful! It was all worth it, wasn't it? I'm sooo jealous. ;^)

  5. GREAT crowd scene photo; after all, we are in it. :-|

  6. Sorry to have missed the festivities!

  7. Terry,
    I love your fabric storage system, but when I got to IKEA I only see three level stacks. Did you add some to get five levels? Or did they used to sell up to a five level stack?
    Thank you

  8. Thanks muchly for the tour -- not as good as being there, but it gave me a good sense of the space. One of these days, we're gonna get over the hill and grace the space with our physical presences. Looks beautiful.