Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Pa, come quick—the bridge warshed out..."

I think rain was the last thing I mentioned at the end of yesterday's post. And rain it did.

All night and all through the morning. The creek got pretty full and floated our bridge off its perch at the bottom of those steps up to the pathway. Silly little bridge just sits there. It's not attached to anything. Someday we will maybe build a more stable bridge, but for now we will drag it back into place once the water recedes. Do you think Monet ever had these problems?

I think we need a taller bridge, like Monet's. And a prettier one.

I like this bridge, but somehow it looks a little flimsy. Like the whole side would fall over if you stopped to lean on the rail and look down into the water.

Love this rustic bridge.

There is always something to want, isn't there? Bridges— who'da guessed?

On a completely different note, I urge you to go to the Twelve by Twelve blog to see the beautiful article about us in the new Quilting Arts magazine.


  1. Those dang spambots!! How about a covered bridge?!

  2. There you go! A covered bridge.

    Is that what that random-seeming stuff is? Spambots?

    LOVE the article in QA. Congrats!!!

  3. Jean S.3:32 PM

    You realize that anyone under 40 wouldn't have a clue as to your title. LOL, ah the joys of aging.