Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow? No. Not really.

I have nothing arty to show you, so I talk about the weather. How boring. How mundane. Especially since the weather we are having is really not worth talking about. Our TV folks have been make a BIG DEAL about the snow that has been predicted. You have to understand that we don't get much snow here. Some years we get none at all. We like snow. Up to a point. It doesn't feel like we have earned our glorious spring unless we've had at least one good snow, but sometimes we don't get it. So when we hear it might happen we stalk the windows. We watch. We wait. We feed the birds, because if it snows they need to be fed.

No snow yet. No, wait! I see flakes! I see stuff on the ground!
Oh, but the sun is out. Now it's gone.

Now it's back!

Winter in Oregon! Yes!

Now it's gone. Rain. All this in 48 hours.

Nice while it lasted.


  1. I absolutely love the mosaic you created, really beautiful. All of the photos are beautiful. I especially like the one through your round window. Congrats on capturing a photo of the nuthatch. I have been trying for 2 weeks - fast little guys! Have a great Thursday!

  2. Don't you love how the nuthatch sits upside down? You still have so much GREEN, even in the winter.

  3. What great pics! Living 60 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico, we so rarely see snow that we get silly over its beauty. And your snow falling in the trees is beautiful. Thanks!

  4. Up in La Center, we got 13"!-enough already! I stayed home and walked in it with the dog.

  5. I think we (a little further north of you) have earned our glorious spring. It hasn't been bad since we had a lot of warning and the power (knock on wood) is still on. We have only until about noonish today and they say it will begin to warm up. Then it's the floods that we will contend with. Feh! We can handle floods--that's our middle name...

  6. Even though I live in the snow belt, we are having the same kind of winter. Tomorrow a snowstorm and almost 40 on the weekend. We may even have a little rain mix in. The joys of winter!!!

  7. Jessica6:33 AM

    Here in Boise, we had a HUGE snowstorm...but the snow turned to rain and our snow "stock" was soon gone. In less than 24 hours. I'm with you, the bigger the winter, the better spring feels!

  8. Julie8:09 PM

    Do you miss working in your house? I notice the snow photos are either on the way or from the studio? Does taking that walk settle your mind or are you inspired? How has your work changed now that you have the studio? Do you have a different mindset?

    Love the photos, this day and the next