Thursday, April 26, 2012

Waiting for birds

Lucky me! I have been given two wonderful birdhouses. The first was a birthday gift from my friend, Beth. Beautiful teardrop shaped ceramic birdhouse. I hung it from a tree limb next to the creek. I can see it from the yard and the studio. So pretty!

Then my friend Muriel came to visit yesterday and brought me this crazy chicken birdhouse.

It is painted wood and I thought it best if it was somewhat protected from the elements so I hung it on the porch of the studio. I know the proximity of the studio and greenhouse might discourage birds, but I have had birds nesting near my front door before. I also wonder if the big, giant chicken might scare them off! I hope not. I love this guy.

These join the wonderful birdhouse my neighbor gave us and their gorgeous birdhouses. I think birds might feel very welcome here and will have a nice variety of homes to choose from.

C'mon, birds! We are ready for you—

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  1. Im loving the Chicken - he's absolutely bonkers!