Saturday, May 04, 2013

Blog to check and my new sewing machine

If you aren't reading Lisa Flowers Ross's blog you are missing a lot! I discovered Lisa several years ago and love her blog. She lives in Boise, Idaho (I lived there once—many years ago. That's where I found Ray) and writes about her textile work, her work at the Boise Art Museum (one of the best little art museums you will ever see), her views of one of my favorite cities and her lovely family. Her occasional photos of walks and bike rides through the sagebrush covered foothills makes me quite nostalgic for Idaho.  (Despite its dodgy reputation, Idaho is a miraculously beautiful place.)  Lisa is thoughtful and interesting and I love her work. Look at this one.

Lucky me. I am now the proud owner of this piece. This past week she has been writing about printmaking classes she is taking. Good stuff.

Here on the home front I have been worrying about my sewing machine. It's getting a little old and has been worked awfully hard. I have been thinking I need a sturdy workhorse machine to do the hard jobs of piecing and quilting, to spare my wonderful computerized Janome that wear and tear and preserve it for the more artistic chores, like fancy stitches and buttonholes and such. It is getting a bit old and frail. Today I found a great deal on a heavy-duty mechanical (non electronic) machine that does none of the fancy stuff, but excels at the meat and potatoes—straight stitching and quilting. I will sit them side by side and use each machine for what each does best.  Meet my new machine.

 She is heavy and she's my Brother. Some accommodating needs to take place. As you can see she does not fit the hole in the table/


  1. I'm sure you'll get on great with your new machine. I have a Brother too and it is a workhorse of a machine. Enjoy

  2. Anonymous6:08 AM

    A new sewing machine is always exciting, whether it is fancy-dancy or a "work horse". I'm sure you will love it and I know you deserve it!!!!! (smile)

  3. Congrats on the new machine! May she sew well and long.

  4. A new tool is always fun. Have fun stitching! I read Lisa's blog and enjoy reading about Boise. Carl worked in the legislature there before moving here. We toyed with retiring there, but the housing boom was going strong in Idaho. I could join you on the Idaho tourist board. I love Idaho - Montana too. They remind me of the Snohomish area from my childhood. Farming, big sky, and clean water! The Boise Art Museum is fantastic!

  5. Gee, I'm blushing. Thanks for the gushing compliments.

  6. Great blog, Terry. I can see your need to have both a workhorse and a thoroughbred in your studio. Hope you enjoy your new machine!