Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Phone photos

Maybe you have seen the Apple ad that says that the iPhone is the most used camera in the world. That really struck me and I believe it. I love to take photos and I have a nice camera that I like and use a lot, but having that iPhone camera in my pocket nearly all the time has changed the way I think about taking photos. Today my niece sent me a phone photo of her year-old baby taking his first step. Amazing. Today my daughter smashed her finger in the heavy old window of her classroom. She sent me a phone photo of her cleaned up, nicely bandaged finger from the E.R. A picture is worth a thousand words.

When I see something I want to remember or share later with Ray, or someone else, I snap a photo. My week, below, in phone photos.

 Baby geese;

a bunny;

the first wild rose of the season;

an interesting mushroom.

Do you shop with your phone camera? I do.

A sewing machine I was considering. I bought a different one, but this one was a contender and here's all the information, including model # and price.

Toilet for our upcoming bathroom remodel. This was the winner and all the info was right here.

Nice metal table. The tag with the dimensions and price information is another photo. Unfortunately this is not going to work where I thought it might. Nice to know before I bought it and had to return it.

Me, right now.

I mean, right now...

And, so it goes...


  1. I don't use my camera phone - I just use it for a phone;-) But my husband has some sort of app that you can read barcodes and somehow find out if that thing costs less somewhere else.
    So, we went laptop shopping with his sister last week. I went and watched the end of a film without sound while they puttered around and didn't buy one. LOL
    Sandy in the UK

  2. Photography has come so far so fast. I find myself continually 'downsizing' my cameras so they are easy to have with me. My favorite photo story is that of a famous photographer being asked how he managed to take such wonderful pictures. His response? - "F8 and be there." Today, that's pretty easy to do. :D

  3. Love taking pics with my phone! As you say - it is always in the pocket. And shopping with it is necessary. We had to rebuild our house after a house fire due to lightning last year. Not only did I take photos of everything from flooring to lighting (with that all important SKU info & pricing) but I could send my choices to my hubby & the contractor so everyone was on the same page. All those photos saved me loads of time & energy and kept us from making a few mistakes along the way. It is a must have!

  4. I don't know how we would have spec'd everything for our kitchen remodel without my phone cam. I was thinking along the same lines as you after I received pix from a friend who set out last week to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. He was sidelined by a terrible blister the very first day, and is holed up in a motel room in some tiny town in the SoCal mountains, medicating his foot and waiting. Thanks to the miracle of iPhone, we get to see how well his blister is healing, day by day. I told him how privileged we are to be seeing his very sole.

  5. A friend is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, and had to stop for a while to treat a bad blister on the bottom of his foot. He's sending back iPhone pics showing us how well it's healing. How else would we get a glimpse of someone's innermost sole?

  6. I haven't been able to bring myself to do many photos on my Not-phone iPod. Maybe if it were a phone and would upload instantly, I'd be tempted. But when I look at the few photos I took on my big PC, the quality is so much less than with my little point-and-shoot Canon that I quickly delete them.

    For information gathering while shopping though, they make sense. If I shopped:-)

  7. LOL! I have a picture of a tub and shower surround on my phone from the competitor! That's how I shop, too. Save it for later... think about it ... and compare when I'm at home on my computer. :)

  8. how did we ever survive without our phone camera's??? ;) love love mine, and what fun to play on Instagram and Hipstamatic...

  9. how did we ever survive without our phone cameras? ;) and so much fun playing with Instagram and Hipstamatic too!

  10. I totally shop with my phone! I have a whole collection of chairs that might do double duty in our dining room and at our desks. :-)

  11. I shop with my phone too! I have a whole collection of chairs that might do double duty in our dining room and at our desks.