Sunday, June 02, 2013

Color is elusive

We painted the new bathroom this weekend. The bathroom isn't finished, but it is easier to paint before the cabinets and toilet and floor are in place. While I am usually most drawn to warm, earthy colors for my surroundings, for this new bathroom I wanted something light and cool and clean looking. I have a favorite range of foggy, soft blue/green tones and one of those seemed like a good choice. I brought home a handful of paint chips and chose this one, seen in the sunshine.

It felt green-ish with a lot of blue. I didn't want true blue. I for sure didn't want that baby blue that the entire house was painted in when we bought it. But as I painted I began to feel that I was bringing back the baby blue. It sure seemed blue.

But it was exactly the color I had chosen.

Color is elusive and changeable. Tonight, in artifical light, it is again greener and grayer. It is fascinating, really. I find this when choosing fabrics for my work all the time.

This celadon ginger jar was the color inspiration. Sometimes it is green. Sometimes it is blue.

Tomorrow the floor goes down. It is a darker tone in this same color family. Will it be blue or green? I can't wait to see.


Yesterday I got my copy of the new Quilt Trends magazine (summer 2013). Here is my article about my fusing method and a small quilt project I designed for the article. I am really pleased with how nice it looks.


  1. I chuckled when you said it seemed it was the same baby blue and then the close up of the chip said deja vu! Probably the wet paint vs dry paint made a difference, too.
    Sandy in the UK

  2. I had a car this color- drove me crazy because I would be looking for a green car in a parking lot and it would have changed to blue! I'd be looking for a blue car an it would have morphed to green while I was gone. I'd be looking for a blueish-greenish car and the darn thing was gray! When people would ask me what color it was, I'd call it fish-belly.

  3. We have a similar color in the kitchen. Sometimes blue, sometimes green. I used various shades of green glass tiles for the backsplash. I love how it changes with the light.

    Quilt Trends - haven't gotten that one. Do you know who carries it around Portland?

  4. Procion used to make a color called "Bonny Blue" but it had that same chameleon quality always depending on the light it was seen in. I hoard the few scraps that I have left - it's been discontinued. Can't wait to see the floor color.

  5. Wow!! That's a coincidence! I just purchased a copy of Quilt Trends at the grocery store (yep, the grocery store - it was either a quilt magazine or a candy bar!) specifically because of your pattern. I am looking forward to reading and learning from it.