Friday, August 16, 2013

And there is more

Two new, very small little beaded pieces. Each is about 4" square, mounted on 6" square black mat board.

These are my favorites to date. The smallest, the simplest, the fewest beads. The edges are frayed and unfinished. I really do want to make about a thousand of these! Do you think anyone would buy them?

I am also working on another big piece and it is going surprisingly well. Maybe I can do big after all. I can't show it to you for awhile.

The universe seems to be providing materials for my little handwork projects. These were all found in the parking lot where Beth, Paula and I meet to walk. Not found together and not on the same day . I wasn't even looking for them. Now I am looking and finding nothing.

They have all been repeatedly run over by cars and trucks and are nicely distressed. I suppose they all fell off cars. I wonder what that one with the tiny hole in it is. Keep an eye out. There is good stuff out there. Send it to me if you don't want it!


  1. Lovely work. Yes folks would love to buy these! Price?

  2. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Wow...great idea! You might want to mount a strong magnet to the end of a walking stick to aid you in your quest. Many times, such treasures settle into gravel, or become overgrown by vegetation. I like the way you's contagious. Now I want to go dig through the shed...and that reminds me of Grandma's button can...hmmm. I'll be in touch on my "findings".

  3. I'm in love with your new small works!!!!! Such a beautiful way to combine fabric and beads!!

  4. I love those little works. I'd buy one - or a set of 3. My house is little and has no wall space for large things. I look for small treasure to tuck in corners.

    I'll keep an eye out for little bits and bobs.

  5. I love these. Yes, I would buy - but my idea would be to add a more solid backing and make into a pin. This light type would work well with tee shirts as they would not pull them down - scarves or shawls too. I look for pins like this for travel as they are light and pack well. The orange one speaks to me, and I would be interested in purchasing a couple of your works and adding my own backing. Thank you. Rhonda M.

  6. Very nice pieces! I like the way they're mounted, but pins are a good idea, too!