Sunday, March 23, 2014

Digital Drawing Day - Something That Pleases

Well, June and I are both traveling but we managed to complete our homework on time. I am in a hotel room in Las Vegas and had all but despaired of getting the WIFI to work, but Ray had a brainstorm and    figured out what we were missing. So here it is. 

June's drawing

Something Pleasant

A Sweet Shop is definitely pleasant. This one, "Mix". is triply 
pleasant. It has many many kinds of sweets, it's just down the street a 
couple of blocks from our motel in Ashland, Oregon, and it has picnic 
tables out front perfect for spooning couples, children licking ice 
cream, and nascent digital sketchers with their tablets.

The digital sketching process is becoming a bit easier. I am getting a 
feel for various tools in the digital toolbox. I am starting to 
understand how digital images must differ from oil painted images. And I 
feel freer about what I use and can do.

Galaxy Note, S-Pen and ArtFlow, Art Rage, Wacom, and laptop, finished 
off in Photoshop with Wacom. The last is perhaps not necessary but I'm 
so familiar with the tools in PS, that it's easier to tweak with them 
than with the ArtFlow and ArtRage. Someday I will break the dependence 

Terry's Drawing

I decided that what would please me would be to start with a fairly simple drawing of a beetle, then experiment with it, using some of the effects available in the Sketch Club app. I really liked seeing the color variations that I got. 

Then, for kicks I ran it through one of the Glaze app effects. 

This may not be art, but I think there are some pretty cool design possibilities here.

IPad, Sketch Club app, New Arcadia stylus, Glaze app

Next Challenge: Green and Growing


  1. I really like the texture the paint effects gives to the beetle wings...and then the last one which has the texture over all.
    Sandy in the UK

  2. Taking one simple image and trying different effects on it is such a good idea. It's like making swatches for glazing, or thread cards, or stitch samplers.

  3. It's so interesting to see the differences between both of your drawings...your individual views. Terry, using one image and playing with the effects, inspiring me to play, too!

  4. I wish I could watch you draw. I like the "same image different ways" approach too.

  5. Watching Terry draw will happen one of these days. All it takes is an app -- and a lot of courage (or maybe a lot of practice). I've never used one -- I'm a coward, of course, and also not apt to draw in public (pun intended, of course).

  6. The beetle is "art"--at least I couldn't draw him! And the rest is learning the tools, right? Similar to learning the difference between brushes, or how to use various stitches on a sewing machine? And then applying that knowledge/developed skill to future "art." Just my opinion.

  7. Hi Terry, I was at the Oregon SAQA conference earlier this month and saw your talk. Are you the speaker who mentioned having done a commission for a church? Please contact me at . Thanks, Naomi

  8. I think that using the technology of today is such a good idea - especially for those of us who haven't had it all our lives. We might always prefer what we know best, but learning to produce digital images and the many possibilities presented by the genre (if I may call it that) is keeping up with our chosen field. What if we had never adopted new sewing machines or paint brushes or dyes? I am liking these digital drawings and watching them evolve.

  9. Sorry, I did do my drawing and posted it, but totally forgot to check in!
    I'll have another go tomorrow