Saturday, April 26, 2014

Digital Drawing Day - Put a Bird on it

Well, I knew both June and I would end up with crows. We both have a "thing" with them. But, of course each of us took a different approach.


Crow-nies, Digitally Celebrated

Some years ago I was asked to do a small art quilt for a friend
celebrating a special birthday. It was during my "crow phase" of art making.

So "Put a bird on it" turned into many birds, on It and working on It.

I started with a photo of the art quilt I had made many years earlier. I
traced the photo in ArtRage with the Wacom pen, painted the tracing,
transferred it to PhotoShop where I played with some of the filters,
particularly one that changes the lighting. The lighting in PS changed
the colors, highlighting ones I thought I had muted earlier. So I
tweaked a bit more and then decided to send it along.

Photo of my original quilted art, traced and painted in ArtRage with
Wacom pen and changed with special lighting in Photoshop. All done on my
Toshiba laptop.




Mr. Crow

Crows are one of my favorite subjects, so this portrait was a lot of fun to do. I made it my challenge to make an all black subject more colorful. The layers functions are perfect for trying out overlays of color and texture. The experimenting I did on this crow actually gave me an idea I want to work out in my fabric work. I'll report back on that later. 

iPad, Sketch Club app, New Trent Arcadia stylus


Next week's challenge: Vegetable

June is taking a break from the digital drawings while she sells house, buys house, packs, moves and suffers the inevitable mental, physical and spiritual tolls of the transition. Keep her in your thoughts and consider sending me your digital drawings so I won't feel quite so alone out here on the digital frontier!


  1. I have done my take on put a bird on it at
    I really did a very simple drawing, because I wanted to use it for a particular purpose, so it is not as painterly as yours and Joan's crows, which are really great interpretations of the theme. I especially like the humour in Joan's!

  2. Wow! I think you've mastered digital drawing. No one would ever guess this was from the computer. It looks like watercolor or perhaps you used a batik fabric or.....anything but a computer program. Beautiful!

  3. Of course I love both of your crow interpretations!

  4. This morning, after the Wacom drawing tablet got dropped on the floor and I had to see if it still worked, I got fooling around with a far more free approach and thought, "oh gee, this is better. This looks better and it's more fun." So maybe you'll get more freely described stuff in your email, Terry.

    And as usual, your piece is wondrous -- calm, thoughtful -- even crow looks calm and thoughtful.

    My take on crows, both in reality and digitally, is that they are raucous and unafraid of looking silly. Ravens, on the other hand, have dignity and pride in their aloofness. So maybe your crow is emulating a raven.

  5. Again the contrast between your approaches is wonderful. June, your crow gathering has an energy that communicates the silliness and social connections that I see in the crows in the park. Terry, your lone crow is elegance and strength in its solitude.
    I love this is going to be a favorite for me.

    And I hope to try my hand at my own crow drawing in the future.