Sunday, April 06, 2014

Digital Drawing Day - The Worries in my Head

Oh my! This was an interesting topic to consider! I am a worrier. I don't want to be. I try not to be, but it creeps in. Better, I thought, to assign those worries to an official "worrier." Here are our offerings for this week. Hope they are not too much of a downer!


The Worrier

My inner worrier comes out at night. She is a sad, humorless old woman, much older and sadder than I.

"Look at you." She says accusingly, "what have you done with your life? I doubt that anything you've ever done means anything to anyone. Your children will find you a burden as you grow older. You will end up dependent on them. Don't you think that pain in your back is something horrible? I'm pretty sure it is. Fatal, no doubt. And that spot on your shoulder?—pretty sure that's skin cancer. Did you forget to lock the back door? I think you did. Robbers are probably carrying away your camera and your computer and your TV set even as we talk. And I think the cat has fleas again. He was scratching. And, by the way, I think you missed the deadline to enter that show. Oh well, you won't get in anyway. With all the rain I wonder which tree is going to fall and crush your house, killing you in your bed? If the tree doesn't do it, it will probably be Cooper Mountain giving way and sliding right over top of you, just like that mudslide up in Washington. Doesn't seem like you will have enough money for taxes this year."

"But don't mind me—you just need to get to sleep now. Oh, wait—Do I smell gas???"

iPad, Sketch Club app, Glaze app, New Trent Arcadia stylus


 Worry, Family History

The family history of Ms. Digital Homework is as follows.

Digital Homework, working backward up the family tree, was begat by Finish/Not Finish who was married to Foolish. Foolish was the result of the union of Snort and No Snort. No Snort was the union of Mocking, who was begat by Embarrassed and Won't Know. Things get confused here because Won't know also begat Mocking who married No Snort.

On the other side of the family, Digital Homework's parent, you remember, was Finish/Not Finish. Not Finish was the result of the union of No Exercise and Exercise. No Exercise was begat by Weak and Fat. Exercise was begat by Tired and Sore. Sore was the result of the union of Cry and Quit.

Again, the lines get a bit tangled, as Cry seemed to have unionized with Quit, and Quit made a union with Embarrassed, whom you remember was also tied to Won't Know and they begat No Snort. But Cry also seemed to have married, on the side, Cry (2) who appeared out of nowhere.

And thus began the Family of Worry. And God created Worry and saw that it was Good."

Ta-ta, jou

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Next week's challenge: Snack Time


  1. NOT a downer...both "explanations" are a riot! Thanks so much to both of you. (And each of you, in your own style, are mastering the tool as well.)

  2. Wow, you two have excelled yourselves this week. Terry, I love the looseness and texture of your self portrait and I love your discussion as well. I have one of those discussions going on at the moment, since I am trying to pack for a trip/workshop.
    Joan, your sketch and family tree made me laugh out loud as I read through and looked. So inventive! You two are so great. you surprise me every week and I love reading and looking.
    My contribution is at
    I am sure I won't be able to post next sunday as it is the final day of the class and then I will be travelling, but I will most certainly be dropping in!

  3. Worrying - a totally useless waste of time. We all do it but I do try to think of other, more pleasant thoughts.

  4. Oh good heavens. That's my 3am wish-I-was-asleep mental conversation. OMG! Did someone leave the dogs outside? No barking now... There's one dog on the floor. Should I go see if Cooper is downstairs? Did I lock the car? Yes. No. Probably. Is the front door locked? It goes on and on. Paint an OFF switch in there already! :)

  5. It is a true to life 3 am thought pattern. But don't let it spoil your day! Forget all that stuff! The 'real' stuff is that you are healthy, talented, kind, have a lovely family and a nice home - all the things on your list are inventions of the night or small things that can be easily dealt with if they actually happen at all! Be happy!!

  6. Words of advice: I worry about the same things. I think it is an age thing; except I worry if the dog has fleas (Lol) However, worrying never changes anything.

  7. Terry's 3 a.m. worries are nearly identical to mine. The big cherry tree 25 feet east of my bed is going to crush me during the first minute of the subduction zone quake.

    1. Our street trees, a pair of killer sweetgums, definitely have it in for us. Unless the Port Orford cedar in the backyard gets us first.

  8. This is my favorite, yet! I just love how you both showed your feelings in two very unique ways. As my great aunt May told me when I was young, "don't worry about being a worrier, you come from a long line of worriers."

  9. Her clone lives in my bed. Most often, she wakes up between 1-3 am and worries about things she can do nothing about in the middle of the night. Sigh...

  10. Even in your angst, you two are funny and witty!

  11. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Snort! Did you lift the top of my head and peek inside? You nailed it,right down to the cat who hasn't a care in the world. Thanks...Julie

  12. I can so relate. I even look like the woman in your drawing, Terry.

  13. Terry, your sad old worrier sounds very familiar! She's a "he" however; he is a big 'ole guy with big 'ole worries! I shared your worries with him. He and I laughed and laughed. So funny . . And so true , . ,!