Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Little Things

I have been kind of doodling away at little stuff for the past month and decided to try to pull it all together and see if I could make them presentable  enough to offer for sale at a couple events I am participating in this fall. The other day I dragged my houseguest, Kristin LaFlamme across town to my favorite junky-funky art supply store for a supply of canvas stretcher bars.

After putting one together I am gluing a pice of foamcore to it, then covering all with black linen fabric and mounting my little stitched pieces on them.  Here are my first efforts. 

I like them. It is a simple presentation. Last year you might remember that I framed a bunch of small pieces. I like both. 

Remember last week I blogged about my creative process then tagged my friend Peg Weber to post this week. Her post is up here: I loved seeing some little fabric pieces made by her late mother Shirley Falconer. Shirley was a dear lady and a friend in the High Fiber Diet and Columbia FiberArts groups I belong to. Peg's work is so beautiful and another treat to see, so I really recommend her blog!

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  1. These are wonderful!!! How are the pieces attached to the black linen? With the sticky glue?