Monday, August 25, 2014

Prep work

I am trying to finish some things up before we leave on our trip in a couple of weeks. This finish work is a little slow and boring, but produces a nice feeling of satisfaction when I have a group of work all ready for a show. These are the small pieces that I have been mounting on stretcher bars or framing. Today I finished the backsides with artists tape, a hanging wire and a label with my name, email address and information about the care of a textile work. I like a nice, neat back on my work.

These are the finished pieces.

I have also added most of these and a few others to my "small work" page with prices. You can access that page from the tabs just above this post.

Whew! Feels good to have that done.



  1. Terry-I'm always looking for a nice finish for the backs of my mounted work. The first picture looks like it has black tape of some that what it is? What type? Is that your usual finish? I've seen everything from raggedy stapled edges to finished edges to totally covered backs and I haven't found one I'm completely happy with, but I like the looks of yours!

  2. You finished the backs of your frames very well. My mom always had difficulty finishing her cross-stitch. I also like that you are labeling them, much like we label quilts. I would love to know the dates of many of the things my mom made. Onward! A pile of completions is a good feeling :)