Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I've been on the road...


Columbia Gorge
It was a road trip to connect with family—to laugh, and cry just a little, with people we love. To cook and eat and play the favorite family card game and see how much the kids have grown and meet the newest kid and marvel over how fast time flies and remember good times and bad, and travel the western roads through the land that claims our hearts, from the Columbia Gorge of Oregon to the Bitterroot Valley of Montana. We covered a lot of ground, both literal and figurative.


One of many small, western towns. They run together in my mind. This might have been Dixie...

Lolo Pass, on the Montana-Idaho border

Camas Prairie, Idaho
In Montana I got to enjoy an exhibit of art quilts made by my creative sister-in-law, Jamie, and her friends in the Montana Bricolage Artists group. If you're in the area, you can see it at the Higher Ground brewery in Hamilton, Montana. The beer is good too!

Jamie and her two daughters. I love these women. That's one of Jamie's pieces on the left behind them.

We got home tonight, coming back through the Gorge, just ahead of a predicted ice and snow storm. Winter is on its way and we feel it in our bones tonight. So glad we went—so glad to be home with good memories to keep us warm.





  1. Thank you for this post. It pulled at my memory strings.

  2. Welcome home from a delightful journey. Glad to see you made it before the storm hit the gorge. Chilly...perfect weather for sewing on bindings :)