Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving week

The beginning of the crazy season. I am trying to be calm and organized, which is such a struggle for me— the organized part. I never developed the habit of list-making. I think that would help. I seem to have gotten myself involved in so many things that require many hours on the computer and/or returning things or mailing things to various locations. After I finish up what I have promised, can I resign from some of this? I hope so. I feel a New Year's resolution coming on...

Thanksgiving, the day, was lovely. My daughter hosted the festivities, so we had a quiet day that did not involve cleaning and table-setting and managing refrigerator real estate. I needed only to cook my contributions to the dinner and get myself and food into the car for the 5-minute drive to Emily's! Mid- day, between cooking tasks, Ray and I went for a nice walk in the forested area not far from our house. The day was sunny and warm enough and the yellow leaves were like bursts of sunlight in the depth of the woods.

This is the same creek that runs through our yard, about a mile downstream from us. It is at least twice as wide here as at our house–more in some places.

The forest is still and moist and green and fragrant with fir and earth. I can feel the tension drain away with every step.

Last week I started knitting.

For years I resisted it, telling my knitting friends that I did not need another vice. This week I changed my mind. It seemed like something I could do, despite a bad knitting experience as a Girl Scout 60 years ago. I had forgotten everything I learned making those hideous slippers all those years ago, so I was starting from scratch. But as I got into it I think some ancient sense memory began to kick in. The rhythm of it seemed to come back to me.


My first knitted project was this hot pad. It is not as good in person as it looks here, but not too bad. The embroidered snowflake looks really uneven, but if you tilt your head at a 45 degree angle you will see it at the angle from which I was working it. Better, right? Now I am knitting some mittens for myself. I love seeing it grow into a recognizable shape, and I love how the color changes as I knit this yarn. I would much rather be doing this than working at my computer.

I have also started a large quilt for the High Fiber Diet Neutrals show. The actual theme is "Making our Mark". Some peeks at its beginnings.



Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving.

PS - I found this photo online that looks like the slipper pattern we used in Girl Scouts, except that mine ended up being about 18 inches long. See why I had that 60 year antipathy for knitting?




  1. Your mushroom picture is wonderful!

    I can't imagine why the girl scouts would have kids make slippers. Good first projects are ones that do not need to match each other in size or be any particular size. Hence all those scarves. However, now you have the option of cowls and shawlettes. A bit more interesting, but still easy.

    I recently attempted mittens. The one that got done was too big and a mess to rip out. So I took the thumb off, sewed the hole shut, felted it in the washing machine, and will cut it up the side to make a small zipper bag out of it. The pattern is too pretty to toss out.

  2. Your hotpad turned out well! I learned to knit making those slippers, too. Gram always had a new pair in our Christmas package to match out flannel pjs. She always made them with a double sole and a pompom that would wiggle as you walked. :) Have fun knitting and welcome to the dark side where yarn seems to multiple along side your fabric collection.

  3. I am so glad that the rain let up and you got that walk in. I had plans for a walk after dinner but it never let up here near the river. And I think I had that same. Slipper in Girl Scouts...which is also why I don't knit. Your hot pad turned out great!

  4. I just knitted a pr of slippers using that same pattern, BUT I knitted them with wool and mohair and then felted them and added bunny ears and tail. My granddaughter loves them ( they are not identical, but the 18 month old does not care.)