Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Costa Rica - the flowers

Costa Rica is like this huge, amazing garden, filled with flowers, and birds and butterflies. Just everywhere. And here are just a few of the flowers.


And I didn't even bother to take photos of the regular stuff like agapanthus and impatiens and cosmos and hydrangeas and such. The whole country is a carpet of flowers.



  1. I am certain I am not the only one who sees art projects and quilt blocks in these pictures. Beautiful Terry Thanks for sharing!

  2. Those are amazing and gorgeous! Some are simply incredible. Great photography :) But the beauty...oh yeah :)

  3. Anonymous8:29 AM

    I have those pictures from Costa Rica! Beautiful isn't it? Pura Vida! :-) I started to plan a quilt but did not get too far. Maybe later this year.

  4. I was very intrigued by the abundance of hydrangeas,when visiting there, thinking that they were a flower found in the north. It seems that anything can and does grow there.

  5. I always love the bird of paradise. We can't really grow it here, too fragile. In San Diego they use it in the freeway medians. That was such a bizarre thing when I visited.

    Love all the flowers - that must have been such a pleasure.