Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Paper tree #10. I saved my favorite for the last, not knowing just how appropriate it would be! There are icycles hanging from the eaves and the trees this morning as the snow begins a slow (we hope) melt. Power was out for a little while this morning, but it came back on in good time and we are finishing up with Christmas preparations.
My sincere wishes for a very Merry Christmas or wonderful celebrations of whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year. It has been a year of great Hope and a year of huge disappointments, but it has been a year that has reminded me that we all need to take care of each other and keep on just doing the best we can.
Love, Terry


  1. Beautiful tree and beautiful sentiments. Merry Christmas to you and your family too.

  2. I have enjoyed your trees the past week or so. They are so beautiful, as are your words. Wishing you the happiest of holidays. Cheers

  3. Beautiful tree! Thanks for sharing them. :)

    A wonderful and joyous Christmas to you and your family. Be safe.

  4. I also have enjoyed your wonderful trees. But this one is the TOPS - just incredible with all those little icicles. What a lovely collection to enjoy every year at Christmas.
    Very best wishes for a perfect Christmas Day.

  5. Love the icicles and the rabbits (are they usagi?) at the base.

    I'm relieved to see the thaw beginning. Of course, it'll probably turn to ice again overnight. But as long as the trend is toward warming, that's fine with me.

    Enjoy Christmas with your family, Terry!

  6. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Good icicles, Terry. They are models for what is probably forming outside. We trekked to Safeway this afternoon -- just about killed me. And we're having rice and beans and champagne (me) for Christmas dinner.

    Have a good Christmas day and thanks for being here. June

  7. Your trees are delightful - I've so enjoyed seeing the series unfold!

  8. This tree is a wonder. It's so lovely and, as it turns out, the best one symbolizing your Christmas.
    Thanks for all the wonderful posts and for making me laugh, learn, and remember.
    Merry Christmas Terry

  9. All of your paper trees are so beautiful - how wonderful that you stumbled upon them again!