Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Paper tree #7 and a sunny day

They used to put candles on Christmas trees before there were strings of electric lights. I've always been enchanted by the idea until it occurs to me how incredibly dangerous that must have been! This is tree number seven. Three more to go.

Are we still in Oregon?
For many years Ray and I believed we would move back to our home state of Idaho when we retired. Things changed and we are here in Oregon to stay, but I still think about living in Idaho, especially in the winter. The winters were certainly colder, with more snow, but in Idaho the sun shone in the winter. I can think of little more beautiful weather than a clear, cold winter day with a blue sky and the sun shining so hard that the snow sparkles like fine glitter. In Oregon the skies can be dismal gray for weeks on end. The sun we do see is a weak, blurry ball that is barely visible through the gray. But not today. The sun is shining, casting long indigo shadows across the snow.

And the sky! Is that a Portland sky? Well, today it is.

I'm enjoying it while it lasts. A new storm is headed our way, due here tonight.


  1. Those trees are amazing - I can't wait to see the next one. I'll miss them when they are all posted. It is hard to believe that someone could just cut them without a pattern. I know mine would be lopsided and scary. What a great talent - and thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. I can't help viewing that clear blue sky as ironic.

  3. Terry - I know what you mean so well - I grew up by the cold North Sea and tho'I now live (and will probably die)amongst the beautiful hills of the Scottish Borders, the sea still calls to me. Your latest post has finally drawn me out of the shadows (did you know I was there all the time?) to say thank you for sharing some glimpses your life and art - you have that very rare gift of making total strangers feel they have known you all their lives! All the best to you and your family for a wonderful Christmas.
    Christine in Scotland

  4. Terry, your trees are stunning! My favorite is this last one posted. Years ago I had the priviledge of participating in a Christmas with a family (German) that actually lit candles on a tree. There is nothing to surpass it, dangerous as it is.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family -- Diane

  5. Those crystal clear winter skies with the sun shining brightly and the snow sparkling are among my favorite memories of Idaho, too.