Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Paper tree #4

This tree is a bit different from the others. I used a different paper than the others, which were all the shiny, coated paper I mentioned before. This one seems to be drawing paper, perhaps because it was a bit bigger than the coated paper and this tree, while the same height, more or less, is considerably wider that the others. My memory has lost the details of what I had in mind here, but I probably just wanted a squatter shape for variety. I seem to have run into a little trouble though, because the base, in order to let it stand up nicely needed to be as wide as the widest part of the tree, but was cut so narrow and delicate that it tends to buckle under the weight of the tree. The poor bunnies look a little nervous about the whole balance thing. Those are not relaxed ears. You will see more bunnies later and they look a little more confident.

The Columbia Stitchery Guild quarterly meeting was this morning. I usually love these meetings. The programs are usually very good. This morning we had our second annual silent auction, which is a benefit for the quilting program that the guild sponsors at the Women's Prison. Great program. I was the chairperson for the auction this year. It all went well, but I was glad to have it over with. I think I used to be really good at organizing and managing projects, but lately I feel so scattered and distracted it is not good. Sales were a bit lower than last year, but I think that is a reflection of the economy. I bought a very cute corduroy and fleece jacket for Sofia, beautifully made by one of the members. We voted, this morning, to change the name of the Guild, which makes me a little sad. This guild is made up of some of the most talented and interesting women, including fiber artists and weavers and knitters and embroiderers and basketmakers. I had heard of this being such a great group long before I moved to Portland and was looking forward to joining. Now the feeling is that the word "stitchery" sounds dated and doesn't reflect the diversity of work that is done by the members. Maybe. I voted not to change. I was in a very small minority. Everybody else wants to change. I thought the name had a lot of charm.


  1. So what did you change the name to? Are you staging a silent protest by not even mentioning the new name?

    I am a member of the Dallas Area Fiber Artists. They used to have "stitch" or "stitchery" in their name, but changed it quite some time ago. But now we are discussing whether we should change the name to "North Texas" rather than "Dallas." Jeez.

    I agree with you, I think "stitch" in all its forms is a lovely, descriptive word.

  2. Is it age or is it the times that make for feeling scattered and distracted? I have been feeling the same for the past few months. It is not good.

  3. Perhaps newer members felt they needed a name that represented their current ideals and values? Dunno, just guessing. We have one quilt guild here in B-field, "Cotton Patch Quilters". Since my work lends itself to the fiber-art side of things I have a hard time association with the uber-traditional value of the guild. COnsequently, I've been to 3 meetings in 4 years. I just wish they would do more than log cabin blocks and the Linus Project.
    Later, gator!!!

  4. So what is the new name? Has it been decided yet? I aspire to join at some point in the future when I retire. For some nutty reason, my bosses have all seemed to frown upon me taking off midday to go sew. Pthththththbt. So very narrow-minded of them.

    Of course with this economy and the hit my retirement fund took, I may never join. My motto may change to Still Full-Time at 99.