Friday, October 21, 2005

What i'm working on

This is the large piece I am currently working on. It is an Otavalena weaver. Last week I took just the face and the large drawing to show my small art group. (there is a caption on the picture because I emailed it to a friend who wasn't at the meeting) This week I took it to High Fiber Diet for critique (see below). There will be a background. It is temporarily pinned to the black fabric.


  1. This is a very strong piece - and have you noticed the resemblance of the woman in the quilt to your image?
    Lovely mirroring....

    grin :-)

  2. WoW!!!!! She is beautiful...has a sad faraway look in her eyes.

  3. Anonymous2:45 PM

    I see you working from what you know but pushing yourself hard. Now the question is, why fabric? If it's just painted.....? Well, you ask me that all the time snort June

    It won't let me put my snort tags on. This is almost as disturbing as not being allowed to snort at all!!!! J.

  4. Anonymous7:04 AM

    This is going to be a winner. You must enter it in a national show!

  5. Stunning, I love that it looks realistic but also folk-artsy. Did you work from a photograph or a personal experience?

  6. Thank you all!
    June--"why fabric? why not paint it?" is a fair question. I do ask that question--it will be both painted and quilted and I thin would be quite different if I had set out to paint on canvas. We'll see if it holds up as a fabric piece...
    Deborah, it is based on several of my own photographs, but quite simplified and my own design for the face.

  7. Ohmigoodness she's gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing!