Wednesday, February 22, 2006

All the other stuff

There are a few things that are really important to me—my family and friends and being able to be creative. And then there's all the other stuff. Some of it is good and some of it is tolerable and very little is really bad and most of it is what supports the really important things.

This week has been all about the other stuff. My husband is working out of town, my walking partner is out of town and I haven't heard from my kids. It's just me and the cat and we actually don't like each other very much.
Time to be creative?—not so much. This is where I have spent the vast majority of my time this week.

I have a job I have never talked about on this blog. It is a halftime job that I do from home. I am the administrative assistant for the Oregon State Chapter of P.E.O. which is an organization that raises money for and awards millions of dollars in scholarships for women. It is, in my opinion, a really wonderful organization. My job is mostly bookkeeping. It is hard for me. I struggle with accounting and the responsibility of handling large sums of money can be stressful. But I think it is something worthwhile and it supports my art quilt habit.

Housework is not something I enjoy, but I also get disgusted when things get gnarly. This little cabinet above the stove had become a nightmare. It had some really ancient stuff up there, including a bottle of white vinegar that had turned brown and 20 year old tea bags. I took a break from my computer and cleaned it out. I threw a bunch of stuff away, scrubbed it all out and organized things nicely. Teas on one side of the big vent thing-y, and oils and vinegars on the other side. Nice, huh? I even put new shelf liners in and things don't stick anymore.

I also gave blood this week. I have been working so hard that it actually felt like an outing to drive across town to the Red Cross. I did not give blood for years because I had a problem with feeling dizzy and icky when I did. A few years ago I decided to try it again and I think the secret is either getting older, taking care not to watch the needle go in or drinking lots of water, all of which I always try to do (except the getting older—that takes care of itself). No problems now. I am healthy and can give blood, which some people can't. They always need it, so I feel like it's the least I can do. I had a good phlebotomist who was quick and accurate. It was really not very busy so she did not have another victim, err client, and we visited about shoes. She admired mine and we talked about what a good deal I had gotten at Nordstrom Rack and how hard it is to find comfy shoes. Then a wizened, hunched little old man in a Red Cross baseball cap served me orange juice and a Krispee Kreme donut and we visited about the Olympics. This is really sad that this was THE social event of my week.

Ray gets home tomorrow night, Beth is home so we can start walking again and my good friends from Ashland are coming this weekend. Next week should count as "good stuff". I've paid my dues with the "other stuff" this week.


  1. Aw heck Terry, some weeks my social outings are chatting with the ladies at the counter in the post office or the checkout line at the grocery! Sigh....

    May next week be more art-filled, and may you and your kitty reach a detente. I send him/her scritches between the ears! You too if you'd like some (gee....I must be getting punchy......)

    Cheers, Sarah

  2. Anonymous7:43 PM

    I gave blood today, too, but for my oncologist's required take every 3 months!

  3. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Terry - You've inspired me to donate blood. I've always thought being on the giving end of the needle was better than being on the receiving end, but now it's probably time to switch roles.

  4. Anonymous9:20 PM

    Hey, you got a home cooked meal last Sunday, and it wasn't chopped liver.