Thursday, November 09, 2006

My quilts have even more fun than I do

I was lucky enough to have my quilt, The Weaver, (far left) accepted in the International Quilt Festival in Houston this year. This is the most famous, big deal Quilt Exhibit in the World. I did not attend the show, but two people on the Quiltart list, Jamie Fingal and Sarah Smith both sent me pictures so I could see how my quilt looked in context. This is one of the pictures Sarah sent me. Thank you, Sarah! It is fun to see what it was hanging with. It seems to be in good company—the guy on the right won a ribbon.

I also sent several postcards for the Fiberart for a Cause booth at the Quilt Festival. It was fabulously successful, raising more than $58,000 for Cancer research. It tickled me to read Deborah Boschert's blog yesterday and see that she purchased one of the cards I donated. Cool.


  1. 'twas a mahvelous show! Glad your quilt made it to Texas. Maybe next year you could come. ~Sharon

  2. Wouldn't it be nice to always travel where our quilts go? I have one that traveled to venues in Spain,Japan,all over Europe & Down Under, & all over the US, including Houston, & I aside from the opening in Barcelona (which Husqvarna paid for), had to stay home. THe Spain trip was spectacular though, so I'm really not complaining.
    I saw your quilts in Seattle this summer. Very nice Terry, just beautiful. Wish I would've spotted you there. I would've said hello.

  3. Your piece is beautiful. The quilt next to it is by Vicky Lord, who is a very talented lady from Atlanta, GA. She is a member of the Contemporary Quilt and Fiber Arts Alliance.