Monday, November 06, 2006


I was awakened this morning with a boom from somewhere outside the house and I saw, when I rolled over to look at the clock, that the power was out. A transformer had blown somewhere in the neighborhood. Rain had started during the night and I stepped out on the front porch for a last look at the fall color and fallen leaves. By tomorrow morning it will all be a sodden mass of muck. The rain is here with a vengeance.

I looked at this little dresser I brought home from a yard sale a month or so ago. I left it on the porch thinking I would work on it out there. No power meant no computer, no sewing machine. Today was a good day to finally get to it. I was planning to sand it a little then give it a nice clean coat of white paint, but when I ran a fingernail across it I found that the moisture in the air had softened the old latex paint to the point that I could peel it off in ribbons. A window scraper proved a good tool to quickly and efficiently remove most of the paint.
It was surprisingly warm out on the porch and dry enough, though the rain kept pouring down, filling the street below, making a small lake.
This is the beginning of winter. The rain is still falling tonight and the TV news (obviously the power did come back on!) was all about flooding and rain and more rain. My dresser project will have to move indoors tomorrow. Paint would never dry out there and it's going to get colder, they say.
Fall is my favorite season. It was nice to spend part of the day out on the porch today watching it slip away for another year.


  1. Anonymous3:01 PM

    It's sounds like a lovely way to spend a day without power.

  2. Looks like your dresser was meant to stand outside and collect enough moisture that it could peel right off. Great that the job could be made so much easier for you.