Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Day after Christmas

I have spent the morning reading the manual for my new camera*, then taking a few pictures, including the bird out in the yard. This picture was taken from inside my nice, warm house and illustrates my favorite thing about my new camera—its 12x optical zoom.

I have come to love taking pictures since I got my first digital camera. It is so immediate and so easy to discard the bad ones. When I was shooting pictures on film I was stingy about the film and the cost of processing the pictures. Shooting digitally has opened up the possibilities for experimenting and taking pictures of small, insignificant things and erasing them if they are boring or no good.

Maybe this new camera will make me a better photographer. One can only hope . . .

*in case you wanted to know—it's a Canon PowerShot S3 IS


  1. I am so jealous. I am saving up for a new camera.

    The oranges in you last post would make a interesting subject for a project.

  2. I agree, digital cameras are great!

  3. Anonymous7:12 PM

    How big is your new camera, Terry? Does it have an image stabilizer? I think, off and on, about getting a new camera and that photo sure looked good.

  4. Yeah, I have about fifth pictures of our ceiling fan, in different lighting conditions. Pictures of random things around the house that I hardly ever paid attention to. Lots of fun!

  5. Anonymous12:23 PM

    I think it will make you a better photographer. Your first digital camera made you a better photographer. And for all the reasons that you mentioned. I've noticed that the best photographers don't just take one picture--they take dozens. I know that I have to get myself out of the "Mathew Brady" mentality, if I'm ever going to take decent pics. With a digital you don't have to plan or spend time arranging the shot or waiting until you see the shot you want. You just snap life as it happens. That's what I've loved about your photos thus far-life is art and it takes a true artist to recognize that and not try to rearrange it.

  6. I just got the S2.. and I'm loving it!! Need to get me a bigger memory card, though.

    There is a lot to learn about these. I learned I can't take clear photos of christmas lights without a tripod. I want to experiment more with portrait feature and several others. but at the moment, I'm really happy.

  7. I was a real purist about my old dinosaur camera, but now that we have switched to digital, I am totally sold on it, the freedom to go crazy and hope for that 1 perfect shot without paying for the 99 "close but no cigars" is great! ENJOY!!