Thursday, December 07, 2006

Patchwork trees

I have barely done anything to acknowledge that Christmas is coming other than make the Christmas socks. I did remove the pumpkins from the front porch and hang a wreath, but inside there are no Christmas decorations. I need to get on the ball because my small quilt/art group, STASH (second Tuesday at somebody's house) is coming here for our annual holiday dinner next Tuesday. I want it to look festive.

I just pulled the boxes out of the attic and found these two patchwork trees back behind the boxes. I made these about 16 years ago when I had a quilt shop in Ashland, Oregon. They were part of my window decor one Christmas. Most of the stuff from that shop is long gone, but I kept these because I really thought they were kind of nifty. The tallest one is about 30" high. They are pieced (I hardly ever do that anymore!) and have a plain green back. There is a foamcore shape inside each one and a little stand that notches into the trunk so they stand on their own.

I think I need to find a good place for them.


  1. I love the Christmas trees and they would never shed needles!

  2. I really like these free standing trees. Nifty idea!