Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The hardest working baby in show business

She's not really in show business you know, but that made for a snappy title didn't it? Better than "pretty in pink"—that would have been trite.

Isn't it incredible all the things a baby learns in their first year of life? Sofi is learning to crawl and it is very hard work. She spends hours on the floor pulling herself up onto her hands and knees and then rocks back and forth for awhile, then sets her sights on a toy and exerts all her energy and concentration on getting to that toy. Usually her efforts move her backward, instead of forward, so she scootches herself around, rolls over a couple of times and voila! she has her toy. But this is the interesting part—even though the rolling and scootching is what finally got her to her goal, a few minutes later she's back up on her hands and knees and trying for the crawl once again. Such admirable persistence in one so young.

This has been going on for about a week. Today she was finally able to achieve some forward motion by swinging one leg out to the side and pushing against the floor. Not yet a crawl, but headed, literally, in the right direction.

She does this with such concentration and determination, she eventually exhausts herself and gets slightly frantic. Then she gets a little weepy and needs a little comfort and a nap. I'm telling you, babies work a lot harder than most of the rest of us.


  1. thanks for the BEST start to the day! A Sofia sighting. Just beautiful.

  2. She is such a beautiful baby and yes they do work so hard. There is a lesson in there for all of us "old" folks, persistance pays off.

  3. Sofi is sure growing rapidly. She has one wonderful smile does look "pretty in pink" or most any color.

    Your "Twelve By Twelve" sure looks like fun.

  4. Oh my yes -- babies work much harder than we do -- and what they learn. I'm constantly amazed by watching them "figure it out" -- they have constant lightbulb moments that come to the rest of us so seldomly!

  5. Anonymous4:54 PM

    What a beautiful grandchild you have! (I chalk it up to the Howard side... :) ) How lucky she to spend the day with her grandma and grandpa. I spent many days with my grandma and grandpa, and I will never forget those days, I learned so much from both of them. I'm sure Sofie will feel the same way someday!

  6. Sofi is adorable- I am going to be a first time grandma in a few months and cannot wait for all this 'discovery' again! Things are in a state of high excitement here- we know she is a girl but my daughter won't tell me her name!