Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers and Daughters

We are spending Fathers' Day sitting around in our extremely clean house waiting for someone to come and buy it! It's another Open House day. I don't expect too many lookers today. It's so beautiful outside I am imagining that most folks are out enjoying the good weather. But I am baking chocolate chip cookies for the ones who do show up. It makes the house smell good and it's nice to offer a cookie, I think.

Emily, Cayo and Sofia came by to bring Ray a beautiful orchid and a card. I took pictures of the fathers with their daughters. Emily said (rolling her eyes only a little), "this is for your blog, isn't it? Helloooo blog readers!" She's onto me.

Sofia was clinging to her Dad, her favorite person most of the time, so it was easy to get a smile out of her. Everyday is Fathers' Day at their house.

Andy has to work today, but he spent several hours cleaning off the roof and rain gutters at the new house yesterday, which Ray deemed "an excellent Fathers' Day present."

Here's my brother, Steve, with his oldest daughter, Jessica. I took this photo in Victoria, in the rain, a couple weeks ago.Steve's a great Dad. (He had a good role model) He has three girls. I enjoy watching them interact. He joshes them and they roll their eyes and say, "Daaaaaaaad", but they giggle at his joke anyway and pretty soon come back at him with one of their own. He is especially proud of the education he has given them on the fine points of classic rock and roll, and bass players in particular. He really enjoys his girls.

Happy Fathers' Day to all the great fathers out there and especially to my favorite fathers—Ray and Cayo and Steve.


  1. Anonymous6:11 PM

    I agree that these are three GREAT dads!

  2. Yea dads! I still maintain that Sophia is the cutest kid ever.

  3. Sofia is so cute cause she looks just like her cute dad!! Hope you had some excellent lookers yesterday.

  4. Correction. I did not roll my eyes even a bit when I said "This is for your blog, isn't it?" I think it was a very matter of fact statement in fact. There is no getting around the fact that my mother chooses days that I don't have time to shower or brush my hair to snap a picture of me and put it up on her blog. I in fact don't even remember saying "hellooo blog readers!", but that is o.k. I guess Terry has a right to her own version of every story, since it is her blog. I am glad you readers enjoy the pictures of Sofia.