Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More house archaeology

Still discovering new things about our new house and its previous inhabitants. We made a grisly discovery in the attic. This severed head was found moldering under the rafters. I see evidence of a blow to the forehead. I suspect foul play.

Sorry about that. I hope that wasn't too disturbing.

A more pleasant discovery were a pair of old-fashioned rosebushes in the far back corner of the yard. They are loaded with the sweetest little coral-colored buds and delicate pink blossoms. I love these kind of roses—big blowsy bushes that fill up corners and soften fences.

Looking out between our house and the next door house I love the view of the big trees. I feel cooler just looking at them. You can ignore the view of the recycling bin and trash containers!

The summertime creek is clean and clear and pretty shallow. You can see that nice blue sky reflected in a corner of the picture. See, we do get nice weather in Oregon. I'm still looking for a frog in this creek. I hear them, but haven't yet seen one.

Another artifact found in the undergrowth. Maybe it contains a clue to the "murder".


  1. That would be the "Die Barbie Die" DVD, by Ken and the Slayers.

  2. Yup, it was jealous Miss Scarlet in the Conservatory with the candlestick...

  3. Just a comment to say thanks for sharing your fusing method (on the quiltart list) and that I love your blog! There are probably a lot of "finds" like yours tucked around our old house after 17 years and 4 kids!

  4. That is one grizzly discovery, but one really ugly head. Love the roses.

  5. hehe, love your twisted mind! Those trees are gorgeous. Did you ever visit a blog called the Oswegan? He used to post hilarious weekly police reports about a whole series of non-crimes in his area, since apparently no real crime took place there. It was always a source of great amusement to us who practically live under seige here!

  6. I challenge you to use that head as a quilt embellismhment :)

  7. We have found no less than seven (7!) VCRs in the woods around our house. Some with the tapes still in them. My personal theory is that the former owner would get frustrated either with the vcr itself or the movie he was watching, drag it out onto the deck and then heave it into the woods as far as he could.

    The yard is just full of weird stuff. When we first moved in we actually had to rent a dumpster just to get rid of all the debris, and we're still finding odd things seven years later.

    You know those blue plastic sleeves the NY Times comes in when it's delivered? I lost count at 275. He was eccentric and apparently a slob.

    Count your blessings with the severed head...

  8. I love this post. It made me smile. The area looks beautiful. You're so blessed. My parents moved to Happy Valley, outside of Portland & they love it. I don't get to visit them too often, but when I do, I'm amazed at how beautiful it is there!

  9. ROFL, I'm picturing that rotten kid out of Toy Story :)