Saturday, September 06, 2008

Darling girl

Sofia's Mom started back to work last week, so we are again helping to take care of her during the day, though this year she is going to daycare a couple days each week.
I had to get some new toys. Everything I had was far too babyish for the big girl she has become. The other day she wore her pink hat when she came to our house.

The new doll, who came with a bathtub and bath essentials has been popular. The little chair is for a doll, but Sofi fits in it and likes it. She carries it around the house.

The little wooden chairs that belonged to my children, her Mom and her uncle, are still a bit too tall for her to negotiate.

Our living room, still empty of furniture, is a good place for her to play.

She goes outside to look for the cat and examine the hydrangeas.

These are good days for me. Worries disappear. Life is sweet. We read books, we eat goldfish crackers, we follow Grandpa around the yard and pet the kitty. She drags her chair into the kitchen to sit and watch me cook. We dance and clap. She gives me a hug and a sloppy kiss. I am her nameless grandmother. She calls Ray "bompa". I say, "say 'grandma'." She furrows her brow, thinks about it and shakes her head. She can't yet work her mouth around the right word for me.

Late in the aftenoon she grows restless and points at the door. "Mama?"

She knows, somehow, that her Mom will be there soon. She waits and watches at the window, then screams with delight and does a little happy dance when she sees her coming up the walk. And her Mom is just as happy as she is.


  1. Anonymous9:16 AM

    She is TOO cute! How lucky you are to get to enjoy each other all day.


  2. Loved this. Mia did not play with dolls when she was this age. Now she loves them.

  3. How sweet. When my kids were born, I asked the grandparents what they wanted t be called. My mom comes from a long line of "gramas," so that's what she wanted. My dad chose the German name for grandpa: "Opa." It was a good choice as it's the easiest for the kids to say and they said his name before anyone else's! (BTW, German gramas are Oma or Omi.)

  4. Beautiful writing and beautiful little girl!

  5. She just takes my breath away.That picture in the chair is so darling.

  6. I love the pink hat sequence, especially the second chair one, and the last one.

    Now, how are today's grandkids going to be able to look at photos of themselves when they were little? Are you grandmas all making sure that Mama has a copy of the album, er, folder?

  7. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Hi - first time on your blog - I love the posts.

    Great pictures - the one of her in the chair is soooo cute.

  8. Sophia has the right idea - always wear a hat to protect a lovely complexion. And wear it all the time, so you don't go off and leave it at someone's house. That is what I do, too.