Monday, September 22, 2008

Pocatello houses

We made a quick trip to Pocatello for my cousin Billy's memorial service this weekend. It's a long drive, but good to get back from time to time, even for such a sad occasion. On Sunday we took a walk through our old neighborhood, where my brother still lives. this is the house my parents built when I was in Junior High and lived in for the rest of their lives.

After my parents died my uncle bought the house. Just a few years ago my cousin Billy and his wife, Lesley, bought it. Billy was an avid gardener and kept the yard looking beautiful. It is an odd feeling to go back to this house, as we often do, but the family connection and their loving care of the place warms my heart. Of course we don't know, nor does Lesley, if she will stay there.

This house, just a block away, was the house Ray and I owned 30 years ago. It looks pretty seedy. Sad. It was such a cute house. I loved this house a lot.

I don't think it has been painted since we lived there. And it looks like one of the house numbers was replaced with homemade replacement. And the yard—sigh. I wish we hadn't walked by.

Here's something you see in Idaho. Giant butterflies on the sides of houses. This one is a couple doors down from our old house.

Some of the butterflies are even bigger than this one. Some houses have a couple. Never cared much for the look, myself. Do they do this in other places? SE Idaho is the only place I've ever seen them.

Here's another butterfly, just around the corner from my brother's house. This one isn't as tacky as the big painted wood ones.

I had just taken this photo and the door to this house opened up and a woman stepped out and called out, "Terry, is that you?!" Busted. Turned out to be someone I went to college with. That was embarrassing. I wonder if she reads my blog. Uh, hi Betty!


  1. Anonymous12:29 AM

    When I was a kid in New Zealand we used to see butterflies like those. Doubt you'd see many now though - they definitely fell from favour!

  2. You can still see quite a few of these in southwest Kansas. Sometimes even in groups of 2 or 3!!

  3. We haven't seen butterflies like those around here. What we have instead are big stars. Stars are everywhere along with colonial lights in all of the windows.

    Loved seeing the photos of both of your old houses -- brings back a lot of memories.

    Our condolences to you and all of your family.

  4. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Isn't it surreal looking at houses you used to live in and know so intimately? I visited my parents in WI last month and we took a drive through the old neighborhood we lived in during my junior/senior years of HS- It has been over 20 years since I'd been there and it was so wierd. I needed a drink (or 4) after that little trip.


  5. Busted; love it.

    I've seen a few of those butterfly behemoths (he-moths -- maybe THAT's what they are!) in the Woodstock neighborhood. They're right up there with lawn butts for adding curb appeal.

  6. Sometimes we ride bikes past our old houses. I find it hard to see the changes someone else has made. Although in our first house, I like to see how big the Christmas tree that we planted is.

    Oh, no butterflies in Boise, but those big stars.

  7. Butterflies in groups of three were all over the place in Nova Scotia when I lived there in the early 80s. These fads come and go -- whatever happened to lawn flamingoes?