Saturday, March 28, 2009

And so it goes . . .

One foot in front of the other. Ray has been working in the yard and making paving stones. Spring seems to be coming. Daffodils are blooming. It makes me want to get outside.

The stones are lined up across the grass to cure. They are destined for a little paving project. Don't they look good?

At night we can hear what sounds like hundreds of frogs out by the creek, but I don't ever see them. Do they hide during the daylight and just come out and croak their hearts out at night? I was out hoping to see some frogs yesterday. Instead I noticed this view of layered roofs.

Inside I am working on a small piece. It is becoming exactly not what it started out to be. I pulled out these fabrics, and more, with a very geometric idea hopping around in my head, but that green fabric, leftover from the tree, just begged to be cut into that organic shape and the quilting wanted to be the grass that I had sketched awhile back. It wasn't until I was nearly finished with the quilting that I recognized the creek, green with the reflection of all that verdant spring out there. Are there frogs hiding in there? Maybe.

Spring seems to be having it's way with things. Bring it on.


  1. Those paving stones look fabulous. I've gotta believe spring is finally here.

  2. On the east coast those little frogs are called Spring Peepers. Their song is a sure harbinger of spring, I love it when I start hearing them! You almost never see them though. Okay, except sometimes, if it's dark everywhere else outside, they'll be attracted by the lights of the house and stick themselves to the outside of the glass of the front door or the windows, like amphibious moths. Pretty cool! Enjoy your peepers.

  3. The stones are looking wonderful!
    You probably have the same little frogs that we do. Very tiny frogs with high-pitched, LOUD croaks. One day, as I was sinking my nose into a rose that was in full bloom, I noticed two tiny eyes looking up at me from the middle of the rose. I did a check and found that almost every rose on the bush had a wee, bitty frog in the middle of it. So, check any blooming flora down by the creek--you'll probably find your midnight chorus!

  4. Yes, here in Nova Scotia they are called "Spring Peepers" too. The local CBC radio has a contest on now for the first hearing of the peepers and where they are. It is a sure sign of spring I am looking forward to after a long cold and unusually snowy winter. Bring on the peepers I say! Can't be too soon!
    Barb Robson
    Fox Point, Nova Scotia, Canada

  5. Your paving stones look great! I also love the plant-like quilting in the top part of your quilt. I love it when the artwork leads the process, not the artist -- it brings wonderful surprises.