Sunday, March 08, 2009


I am tired of being sick and really tired of being deaf. I really can hardly hear a thing and Ray is getting tired of repeating everything at the top of his lungs. After days of denial and wishful thinking ("I'm feeling better today, really I am") I finally went to see a Dr. and learned what I already knew. Infections in both ears and in my sinuses. I now have ear drops and nose spray and big, huge horse pills of the antibiotic type—something for every hole in my head. I'll get better now. Meanwhile my longtime desktop companion glares at me and tells me to "snap out of it." I'm tryin'.


  1. I hope you're feeling much better very soon. Those antibiotics really knock that stuff out fast. I have that M.E. card on my desk-great minds????

  2. I got horse pills for my sinus infection too. What? Did they think we would have it easy choking that beast down? Maybe a Freud thing? Big pill= contains more drug= "I know I will get better now!"

    BTW, Target has a new Barbie @ 1959 price, 3$.

  3. sorry you're sick Terry, I feel for you! I had a cold for about five weeks in Jan. and much of the time it was a sinus infection or something in my ear and back of head. Yuck. Hope you get better on your meds.

    Good luck with Barbie and love the leaf quilting too!