Sunday, March 01, 2009

March came in like a . . .

Well, neither a lion nor a lamb. It came in like something basically kind of bleh, wet and gray and drizzly. Maybe a slug. Yeh, "March came in like a slug." Has a ring to it, no?

A good day to go to a movie, which we did. We saw "Milk" and I really loved it. Such a solid, human hero story. Sad, but gosh, his courage was inspiring. And Sean Penn, excellent, but so was every single person in the film. Perfectly cast.

And speaking of perfectly cast—yesterday we started making stepping stones for a garden project. Ray offered to do the dirty work and even named me "the boss" as I made the others and have the experience. It is pretty simple. Oil the molds, so the concrete will not stick. Mix up concrete (mortar mix, in this case—it makes a nice smooth cast, no rocks). Pour halfway. Add a piece of chicken wire for reinforcement and shake out bubbles, pour to fill. Cover and let sit for a couple of days.

Tomorrow we will uncover them and unmold them. Then they will sit outside for a week or so and continue to cure. We'll make more while these cure.


  1. Oh! I can hardly wait to see how they turn out - they'll be lovely I'm sure.

  2. The photo of the slug is excellent. I truly hate slugs.

  3. Very cool stepping stones! We got inches of snow for the first time this winter. I'm so ready for spring!