Saturday, April 04, 2009


We went downtown to Portland State University with our son-in-law. He wanted to find out about architectural programs and classes. He gathered information and talked to people. I wandered around and took pictures. It was a great old building we were in.

I love old buildings with this kind of glazed terra cotta ornamentation. This is a beautiful doorframe.

The views out the windows were great.

Now, there's a typical Portland sky for you. Drizzly, rainy day, totally white sky.

Another spectacular doorframe.

Wavery old glass in these windows. This urban campus is plopped right in the midst of the city's downtown—not like college campuses that I am used to with expansive lawns and quaint buildings with shaded walkways between them. What you see mostly are people and traffic, though many of the buildings back up to the South Park Blocks, a more bucolic setting. There is a definite energy about the place and an edgier vibe than typical campuses. As we peeked into studios and classes and observed wild-haired students scurrying about with portfolios and building models and rolled up blueprints, it made me want to be there. I have thought, from time to time, that I wish I had had the gumption in my youth to study architecture. I content myself with this instead.

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  1. Love your pictures of PSU. My son is finishing there this spring. I also wanted to study architecture, but I was too easily dissuaded all of those years ago. I needed my "life-learned gumption" then.