Saturday, April 25, 2009

Off to the beach

The STASH group went to the beach this week for our annual retreat. It was wonderful—so relaxing. Great company, beautiful place, good food and comfy beds. Who could ask for more? Gerrie already posted about the trip. She is so prompt. It has taken me a day to download pictures and get to it.

We keep trying out new places. Maybe someday we will find the right combination and we'll have a place to go back to year after year. This year's house was beautiful and the view was spectacular. Its only drawback was that it was advertised as wheelchair accessible, for our member who is disabled, but was, in fact, far from it. We made it work, but the stairs were quite challenging for her. Here's the house, seen from the beach.

It's the brown one right in the center of the photo, just above the salmon-y pink house.

There was a big table for us to work at right by the windows, with the everchanging view of the ocean and the three arches rocks.

One of the projects I worked on was another crow.

Sunset. Imagine us all sitting and enjoying this view with a glass of wine. There's a big pot of soup heating on the stove. Somehow I got back with no people pictures, just pictures of what we saw.

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  1. You captured a rainbow. I am very jealous. The crow is wonderful. At first sight I thought "Terry has gotten very lucky on the trip.'' Then I realized he was you creation. We have lots of crows here so I was not thinking of a handcrafted one.

    I don't think I will show this to Bill right away. He lives for the beach and I now have no resistance because Erica is the same way and Jacob at his very young age is showing strong signs of the same affliction.