Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday odds and ends

I am never sure whether Sunday is the end of the week or the beginning of the week. Most printed calendars hang Sunday out there at the beginning of a week, but I think the whole Biblical thing about resting on the 7th day makes it sound like that is Sunday. I always think of it as the end of the week. I guess it's not something everyone agrees upon! Anyway, at the end of this week I can look back at a pretty productive week.

I continue to doodle/stitch. I finished this house early in the week:

It was fun to do, but when I finished I felt it veered a little close to a kind of cuteness I am not very interested in. And maybe it was losing some of the loose spontaneity I started out with. So I made another, more unplanned and spontaneous. I like it.

I already wrote about painting my kitchen door. It is growing on me. Glad I did it. I have been looking at a little spot in our yard that I began to envision as a small succulent garden. It is right next to the steps up to the front porch, and looked like this:

I did a little reading about succulents, went to the Garden Center and bought some, then with Ray's help we mixed a good sandy soil mix, moved some big rocks into place and I planted my little succulents.

I know they look puny now, but this is just the beginning. These will grow and multiply and I will continue to look for the other colors that I want. I am not much of a gardener—I am usually in charge of the pots on the porch and not much else—but I have a vision for this area. This is my vision:

Photo from Sunset magazine web site

I'll post the pictures when it gets there!

STASH met on Thursday. Always a good time and great lunch! On Friday Emily and I went to see Julie and Julia. Very funny, very good! I had enjoyed the book and enjoyed the movie just as much. It isn't the kind of book that creates characters and images that a movie can never live up to, so it's not a disadvantage to have read it first. Meryl Streep is not just an amazing actress and amazing mimic, but she projects such humor and warmth you don't want the movie to end because you just don't want to let her go. I really want to believe that Julia Child was as endearing as Meryl makes her. Isn't half of loving a movie, loving the characters?

Yesterday we got ourselves up and around and went to a parade. It was the Multnomah Days Parade, a tradition from our old neighborhood. We met up with our friends, Carla and Bill's, daughter and grandson who are in town visiting friends. Erica and baby Jacob live near Washington D.C.

Erica's friends play in this band, which marched in the parade. It is a well-known Portland band, made up of anyone who wants to play and have a good time!

Sweet Jacob didn't make it through the whole parade, but the rest of us enjoyed it right to the end.

This has gotten long. Thanks for hanging in here, if you are still with me!


  1. Loved the band! It has just the right sentiment on its banner.

    PS did you know the "word verification" that popped up on my comment was fibeari. Seems very appropriate.

  2. My vision is a succulent garden that would be in a big tray and hang on the side of my garage as a living sculpture. I saw it someplace, but don't really know how to do it. I am thinking that some chicken wire and moss might work to keep the soil in place.

  3. Succulents are fun once they start growing.

    Thanks for the pictures of our babe(s).

  4. I have a liking for calendars. Western or Chinese/Tibetan moon calendars. If we go back to where it all started, Saturday was the day of rest. If you keep to this counting, it makes Sunday the first day of the week. According to the Tibetan calender, Sunday is a good day to start things and to show pride.
    Over here, we used to have calendars with the Sunday as the first day of the week, but they changed to Monday as the first day which shows how materialistic society have become.

  5. Must admit I was a bit taken aback by the house piece - not quite your usual style. I like the second one, much more 'doodle-y' and interesting. Those little succulents are like a doodle picture too, aren't they?

  6. Terry, I love your vision for the garden and won't it be a nice surprise for visitors to check that out as they come into your house?

    You should definitely read Julia Child's book as well, My Life in France. I raided my grandmother's bookshelf on Sat and was delighted to find the book. Julia's writing (she worked with her grand nephew on the book) is spare, rapid fire, and fun, just like she was. Bigger than life. Highly recommended.

  7. I tend to think of Monday as the first day of the week, with Sunday as the last day of the weekend to regroup and try to make a plan for the coming week.

    I think your second quilt has much more energy. The first one seems like an illustration to me.

  8. ^^^ Yes, illustration. I keep thinking that one of your crows - godzilla size - is going to walk into the picture and peck a giant hole in the roof. :)Or maybe that's just my Monty Python humor showing through again.

    Great idea for your succulent garden. I always wonder if they totally groom the 'zine pics and that 3 seconds after the photo is taken all the plants overgrow each other and proceeded to look tatty. At least that's what keeps happening to me.

  9. love the second house piece!!

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