Saturday, January 02, 2010

The word for 2010

On the QuiltArt online discussion list someone suggested the idea of choosing a guiding word for the new year. It has been an interesting lot of words people have come up with. This is an exercise that is not the same as a resolution, but rather a thought or idea that we feel would be a positive influence on our lives for the coming year. "Focus" was a popular choice and one I can identify with. Laura Cater-Woods talked about "mindfulness" in such a beautiful way. Being more mindful of the details of life, no matter how insignificant, is something I find becomes more important to me as I get older. It provides richness and texture to our daily life.

Some of the word choices seemed off to me. Someone said their word was "clutter," as in getting rid of it, I guess. But I would not want such a negative word guiding me through the year. Someone else listed her word as "me." Honest, if nothing else.

Christine Thresh's word is "Good." She says, "I hope I will examine my actions and motivations this year and ask myself 'is this good for you? Is this good for the community and the world?' ” I really like that.

The best word I could think of to describe what I most want and need right now is "thrive." It may not precisely express what I am after, but it was the best word I could come up with. At the beginning of this new year I find myself so lucky to have opportunities I never expected and so much to look forward to. I am part of the 12 x 12 group, writing a book that will be published in 2011. I am writing another magazine article, making quilts for a couple of exhibits and working toward some additional new adventures in art quilting. There are family celebrations planned for this year that will be joyful occasions. "Thrive" to me means being in the moment and enjoying these gifts. It means staying organized and avoiding the stress of hurried, last minute pressure. It means taking care of my health and well-being so I can work at full capacity, with maximum enjoyment. It encompasses some of the other words that came up, including focus and mindfulness.

I made a quick, tiny little banner to hang in my workroom that will remind me that I can thrive on a full schedule and the occasional deadline and I am lucky to have the life I have.


  1. Very good choice I think. And the banner is a perfect touch to remind you when the last minute pressures are encroaching on your peace.

    Your last comment about luck/life are exactly the thoughts I have had over the past few days for myself, so if I chose a word for 2010. Grateful would be mine. When I live in the moment and stop striving...I am grateful, just as you thrive.

  2. If I were to do the equivalent of a banner in my workspace, it would be "Shut Down!" as my laptop wallpaper. THEN I might actually get into my studio.

  3. I've been seeing more and more people choosing words for the year and as I stumble about unfocused, perhaps it would be a good thing for me as well. I like your word very much. Mindfulness and good are such great words as well, especially as we hurtle forward in life and may need the reminder to think outside of our own bubbles.

  4. I like your word. It's good advice for all of us in a challenging time.

  5. Well, aren't you clever! What a lovely reminder of your word for the year. Sure beats the scrap of paper I write mine on. vbg

    Thrive is a wonderful word. I'm one of the many who has chosen focus. Guess I felt I spent too much time spinning my wheels or daydreaming in 2009. I'm pleased with what I did - just suspect I could have done more or worked more easily with a little focus.

  6. I am a little sceptical about a single word. It may work like a box of pandora. Some things or processes can thrive, too, but should not. I'd rather take a complete sentence as a motto.
    This banner looks beautiful!

  7. I will scrawl my word (good) on a piece of paper and pin it up right now. Later today I'll make a banner to honor it.
    Here it is the 3rd of January and I'm finding it is hard to live up to my word already.

  8. I love this idea and I love your word and banner. I almost borrowed it but just came across another one, flourish! cheers!

  9. A wonderful idea to make a banner. I think my word will be "Care".