Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sweet valentines

Valentine's Day is kind of a silly holiday when you get right down to it. Proving your love with a gift on one day of the year is not proof at all. But of course I'm not about to turn down flowers or candy! I guess what I really mean to say is that expressing love is nice any old day and it doesn't need to involve a gift. But lucky me, I got a beautiful  bowl planter planted with primroses and bulbs and gorgeous things to give the front porch a touch of spring even though it's still February. I got a pretty little heart-shaped dish. And then I got that card, handmade by my granddaughter with her Mom's help. Now that is worth having a holiday for. Just look at that little handprint. There is a crayon drawing inside that she told me is a "muffin" and even better was her pride and pleasure in presenting both Ray and me with her special valentine creations.

Valentine's Day really is great fun for kids and I think they do learn how satisfying it is to do something special for people you love. I remember how I loved making valentines as a child, giving each one a special touch just for the person it was going to. Even children who do not make their own valentines, I think take pride and pleasure in picking out special cards and giving them. Maybe it teaches generosity and a loving spirit. Maybe it's not a silly holiday after all.

It was beautiful day today. My lovely new porch pot made all the other pots on the porch look pretty scraggly, so I picked up a flat of primroses at the grocery store to plant. Just look at that pot in the corner. Disgraceful! Gracie was enjoying the sun and the flowers, I think. She is nearly 18 years old. She moves slowly and her voice, never very melodious, is really crackly now, but she still gets around the yard and finds the sun. Later I planted the primroses, cleaned up the pots and swept the porch. A little frog hopped across the porch as I was working. It really felt like spring is coming.


  1. I agree with you! I think it must be a holiday invented by women and necessary for our husbands and men in general, so they don't forget to express their affection. "But you know I love you, I don't have to make a fuzz about it" will not do.
    Mine is different, but most of them need that little push, don't they?

  2. I have always loved Valentine's Day. I remember selecting the valentines that would go to classmates and making valentines that would go to loved ones. After the event I would carefully go over and over each valentine in my valentine box--remember the decorated shoe boxes for the class party? :o)
    I carry on Mom's tradition of a tiny box of chocolate by each dinner plate. Matt got a Tully's card next to the grocery card I send each month. Kind of the same thing--a tiny treat for after dinner.
    I have never received a valentine from a boyfriend or a husband but that never really seemed to matter. Can't explain why I still love the day.

  3. Wonderful post. The Valentine card is so sweet. And I really like the frog hopping across the porch. It's "springing!"

  4. We keep Valentine's Day pretty low key here, but you are so right about the teaching compassion part for kids. Maybe I need to pay more attention to that. I've got a man for Maggie too -- our Madison is 16 and has slowed down since our last move. He appreciates a good patch of sun as well!

  5. cute, cute Valentine from Sofia!

    love your very colorful!

    Poor old Gracie: we've had aged kitty cats like her, and you are right: their voices are not melodious in their advanced years!


  6. Nice blog. You are lucky to receive such a beautiful bouquet of flowers on Valentine day. It was nice going through your blog.

  7. I love hearing about your day. It sounds lovely.

    I had visions of my kids making their own creative Valentines -- they prefer to pick out goodies (junk) from Oriental Trading Company and giving them to their classmates. Every year Claire chooses some variety of "rubber duckie." It's her own wacky tradition and she loves it. So be it.

  8. Andy Grant2:26 AM

    I may sound bitter, but you know I'm a bit different from the rest. I don't think that one , out of 365 days, should be designated to show the people you love that you "love them", but when I heard Sophia say "Happy valentines day uncle andy" over the phone, I kind of melted... It made my weekend.