Saturday, March 20, 2010

First day of Spring

And a beautiful day it was. Sofia and I went out to shop for flowers for the planters on the porch this morning in the sunshine. We started out with jackets, but discarded them almost immediately. I wanted geraniums and sweet potato vines. I guess I was a little early on both, but did find the geraniums at the second nursery we went to. Sofia picked out some lavender-colored violas which she and Ray planted on the porch. They are "her" flowers and she watered them and showed them off to her Mom when she arrived.

The many daffodil bulbs we planted last fall are now in bloom. Last spring I kept seeing expanses of daffodils growing along the side of the roads near us and I loved the riot of color and natural look. They are along the front and up our driveway. I hope as the years go by they will become masses of daffodils!

One of our trillium is blooming right now too. I love these woodland flowers. They bloom for many weeks here, starting out bright white and slowly turning pink before they fade away.
The ferns are a beautiful bright green. Those Douglas fir cones look familiar—especially that nice fresh one on the right!

It couldn't be a more perfect spring day. Sofia and I also created a little springtime scene inside the house.

Hope your First Day of Spring is as lovely where you are.


  1. Happy Spring to you too!
    The thought of Ray and Sofia planting together just brings a huge smile to my face!


  2. Oh, how I envy your trillium.

  3. I'm so glad your busy schedule leaves you time to spend with Sofia. I'm sure she loves coming to visit.

  4. Beautiful pictures! I love the daffodils and have over a thousand planted in my yard. Don't be tempted to pick a trillium flower as they will take up to 7 years to bloom again!