Monday, September 20, 2010

SAQA Auction

Today is the first day of the Studio Art Quilts Associates Auction of 12" square art quilts. This is a good opportunity to own a small piece of art and to help support an excellent organization. The pieces are put up for bid starting with the first group today. The way the auction works is explained well here. My donation for the auction is in the 3rd group and will go up for bid starting on October 4th.

Here are some of my favorites from the group that went up today: If I could afford the highest price I would buy any of these right now!

This one from my friend, and fellow "twelve," Kristin LaFlamme.

Terri Mangat

B.J. Parady

Bodil Gardner — oops, too late! This one has already sold

Check out the auction here. Look at all the great quilts on all the pages! Here's my piece that will be available starting on October 4.


  1. Those are some of my faves too. Mine looks so much better in person. I'd love to have a Bodil Gardner, but hers are always first to go. I've got my eyes on a few in the next group...

  2. Want that chicken! But have to take my chances, 'cause the starting bid is off my spreadsheet...