Thursday, December 02, 2010


December always comes as a big surprise to me. I know it is denial on my part. I am never ready for Christmas. I don't even start thinking about it until at least December 1. People around my neighborhood have had Christmas lights up for a week now. I pulled this out of a trunk yesterday. It is the only item that is remotely Christmas-y that is currently visible in my house.

It is a pieced and quilted table covering that I made about 20 years ago. It has been folded up in the trunk for most of those twenty years. I made it when I owned a quilt shop to use at Christmas time. It covered one of those little round pressed wood tables and hung to the floor. Pretty, but never useful after that. I think I'm going to make it into a tree skirt. I will cut a circle out of the middle, cut up one of those corner angles, bind it and probably sew some velcro along the edge. It has occurred to me before to do this, but then I would look at all those little diamonds that I pieced to make this thing and I hated the idea of cutting into it. What was I saving it for? Beats me. I think it is time to turn it into something useful. Then I suppose we will need to consider getting a tree.


  1. And here I have been feeling like I am the only one like this! I put up my tree this past weekend, put on Christmas music and still did not feel in the mood, but there was not other free weekend to do it.

    This will make a perfect tree skirt though!

  2. We get carried away with Christmas decor but not until after the 7th. This year it will possibly not be up until the 15th because of when Jake's b-day falls. I have decided to get rid of the harvest decor outside this weekend and perhaps put up a wreath and an artificial snowman.

    I think your circle would make a lovely tree skirt.

  3. I thought “tree skirt” first thing, and I’m not even of the Christmas tree persuasion.

  4. Definitely tree skirt, so what if you pieced all those little triangles if you are not using or enjoying the end result. And yes I think you must put up a tree, I am sure it is in the Grandparent manual under Holiday traditions, or some such place ;-). Probably near the Lefsa and Krum Kake recipes, oh wait that might only have been in my Grandparents manual, not sure what recipes will be in yours.

  5. Cheryl Designs7:02 PM

    I understand your feeling :) As far as NOT cutting into your quilt. If it will enable you to USE IT.....DO IT :) My mother, years ago, offered me a beautiful crocheted tablecloth that my Grandmother made. I was thrilled with it..I told her it would be PERFECT for my Christmas tree skirt every year :) :) When she discovered I would need to cut it and bind it she refused to give it to me. SO SAD :( My family has 'fallen apart' since then and it's sad that I DON'T have that remembrance of my Grandma. It would be under my tree this VERY MOMENT :) Use your quilt....PLEASE :)