Saturday, December 11, 2010

Making something happen

So, as I told you, I am babysitting a lot. Taking care of little kids is time-consuming, so for now I am not getting much done on the artistic front. That's OK, but  yesterday I felt like I had to sit down and do something. I got my sketchbook out and while Marco slept I drew a pine cone.

They are one of my favorite motifs and they are kind of hard to draw. When I was in Seattle a couple weeks ago I bought two new permanent drawing pens. One has a brush tip and one a fine tip. I used both here. I have not done much drawing in a long time and I felt really rusty. I need to do more of this. I know there are fabric artists, especially, who feel no need to draw, but I strongly believe drawing is the basis for everything. Discipline. Drawing trains your eye and teaches you about composition, proportion, value, line—well, like I said, it is everything. It is a fine thing to make beautiful drawings, but even if your drawing looks like a monkey did it, drawing is building skill and your observational powers.

There is a new online project starting the first of the year called the Sketchbook Project. It is a blog with a group of artists who will be posting challenge ideas and posting their sketchbook entries. I think I'm going to follow along. I need a little push to do more drawing. I looked at the blog and got a little scared when I saw a video about materials, including sparkly paints and glitter and glue and sequin waste and fluffy stuff. Not me. I hope it is mostly about drawing.


  1. I think your pine cone is wonderful. I looked at the Sketchbook Project and think that I, too, will follow along. I have only doodled in margins at staff meetings for so long that this is going to stretch muscles I haven't used for a while. I so agree with you, though, that drawing is the basis of everything and I know that I have to get back to the basics. You've inspired me today! Thanks!!!

  2. Sometimes the urge to create is just so strong. I'm glad you succumbed, the pine cone is great.

  3. What a gorgeous pine cone. It has personality. Aren't those brush pens fun!!! I think I need to try a pine cone---- after I get done with the chairs.

  4. Anonymous7:52 AM

    I think you draw very well, and although drawing is not a strong suit of mine, I agree with your opinion that it is the basis of everything. Rhonda M.

  5. Someone with your talent doesn't need glitter, fluff, and such. When I first read that it was a "sketchbook" challenge, I thought it might be directly correlated to someone who makes cards wherein a "sketchbook" is used to plan card layouts. I quickly went to the website in question and found it's so much more! You'll have fun with this!

    BTW, do you use Copics? Best sketch and/or coloring pens ever.