Wednesday, April 06, 2011

For the birds

We have fairly new neighbors next door to us. They moved in before Christmas. They really seem like the best kind of neighbors. We met them right away and they were very friendly. Danny, the husband owns gas stations, but his hobby is building birdhouses and he gave us this one for Christmas. The roof is an old license plate. It is an Idaho plate from the county where Ray grew up. Nice, huh?

Yesterday Ray hung it out in the yard. Since we moved into this house I have wondered why there was a tall shepard's hook attached to the fence alongside our front yard. I kept trying to imagine a basket of flowers hanging waaaaaay up there. A puzzle. Suddenly the other day it occurred to me that it was there for the precise purpose of hanging our birdhouse. What do you think?

Earlier this week Danny put two birdhouses out in the front of their house. He didn't make this one. It was a gift from a friend and the inspiration for his hobby. Isn't it wonderful?

It sits up very high right where our shared driveway divides, so I get to see it as I am coming and going.
The other is one of his fancier creations on the far side of their yard.

I have a couple more birdhouses to place. I hope the birds feel welcome in our little enclave!


  1. What wonderful bird houses. I have a few in my yard and one that is on a sheppards hook so that when I am looking out the window I can see Mama and Papa feeding the babies. I love having the birds around and feed them year round. I am in the market for the new bird house but they are hard to find at least a sturdy one that will last.

  2. Those bird houses are adorable. What a wonderful neighbour you have!

  3. What fun. Your "new"house discoveries just keep happening.

  4. Love your house and this one. It is so much fun to look at these unique birdhouses.