Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Royal Treatment

Do these two women look like famous authors?? That's what we felt like!

Yesterday Gerrie and I went to the Clark County Quilt show in Vancouver, WA. We were invited to come and bring the Twelve by Twelve book to sell and sign. We decided to take along our Colorplay quilts (the current round of Twelve by Twelve challenges) too. We arrived about 11:30 and met Vonda, the show chair, with whom we had been communicating about the event. She is an energetic, upbeat woman, brimming with Texas charm, and she was ready for us. Before we sat down to sign books, we got to see the show and were treated to lunch. Another member, Sharry, who Gerrie and I both know from Columbia FiberArts was our hostess and helper for the day. I had brought the big poster that the book publisher sent me to use and we were set up at the front of the show in comfy chairs and a small table to spread books and quilts on.

We had lots of people stop by our table. We sold a few books and signed a few that people had already purchased. Mostly we just had a great time visiting with people, who were really interested in our book and the quilts and what "Twelve by Twelve" is all about.

You can see in the top photo that Gerrie and I are both wearing what sort of look like corsages. They are little doll pins, made by Vonda and the always amazing Elinor Peace Bailey, who is a member of the guild. Gerrie's has red hair, mine has white. They are quite wonderful and such a thoughtful surprise. I love mine.

The day was such fun and a bonus was sunshine and clear blue sky for a beautiful drive. Many thanks to the Clark County quilters and especially Vonda and Sharry. I think I now know what getting "the royal treatment" means.


  1. Yes, you do look like famous authors and now you are!!! I love the doll pin and made by Elnor Peace Bailey!!! Wow!!! Congrats to you and your new book.

  2. Oh, when will you do a reading??? Powells?? I will absolutely be there and in the front row!! The doll pins are a very nice touch.

  3. Anonymous5:37 AM

    What a wonderful day......a memory-maker for sure! Vonda and Sharry were excellent hostesses.

  4. Of course you are famous authors! Revel in it --it's fun!
    How nice that you were treated the way famous people should be treated!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the little pin. :) Try to remember the rest of us now that you're famous. Congrats again on your book. That's just so great.

  6. The pin is really great -- and this is from someone who doesn't usually dote on such things. But those slabs of fabric and the flowers in the hair -- well, what's not to love.