Friday, April 22, 2011

From the archives

Last week I posted a photo of my Elizabethan doll, one of the patterns I designed in the '80s to sell. Here, just for Easter, is another of my pattern designs. Bunnies. These guys were really complicated to construct, with lots of pieces and darts to shape them. I made a bunch of them, but the patterns did not sell well. I think I sold all the bunnies I made. I don't have a single one left. I don't think I even have a pattern left. I found this photo in a box of old photos. If I ever turn up one of my patterns I think I'll try making one using wool felt, something that was not available back then.
Looking back on these things, I wonder what I thought they were for. I think people liked to make seasonal "decorations."  Big dolls and Santas seemed to be popular. I remember selling patterns in my shop for Uncle Sam figures and bears and bunnies dressed in Victorian clothing! How odd. For me, creating the pattern was the fun part—just figuring out how to do it. I certainly never have been big on having stuffed animals sitting around my house. And these aren't cute and floppy enough for toys. Maybe I am just now getting some insight into why they were not big sellers!


  1. The bunnies are really cute and as a crafter that sold in craft shows, I may have bought that pattern to give it a try. I am long past those days but occassionally I also come across a picture of something that I designed and wonder what in the world I ever did with the pattern. Like you, I never kept any of the items I made for myself, which maybe is a good thing as I would need a bigger house. lol

  2. Such cute bunnies! I too did a lot of sewing of things like this, I'm thinking in the 1970's and 80's, maybe. And if I'd seen your pattern I would probably have bought it back then! I just bought patterns and made the things, didn't design or sell them. But gosh, they were popular and I made lots of these sorts of things as gifts: puffy fabric boxes and baskets, stuffed animals, even a stuffed Christmas tree that was very trendy. I remember making a bunch of bunnies that started with a kid's white sock, so the foot part became the ears and the heel part became the face, and they had elaborate clothes that involved a lacy slip and a colorful pinafore. My mom and my aunt still have them (and haul them out at holidays) despite my pointing out that they are sorely outdated.