Monday, May 09, 2011

Body of work

I have been working on a PowerPoint slide show . This screen shot is only part of it. I was asked to be the featured artist this year for the Metropolitan Patchwork Society Quilt Show. I was one of the organizing members of this Portland area guild about 11 years ago. Working with a group of women to bring this guild into existence was one of the most satisfying experiences of my life. The guild has thrived. It has introduced quilting to many women in this area and particularly nurtures and provides resources for beginning quilters. I have not been active in the group for several years, but I am really pleased to have been asked to be featured in this year's show. I will be giving a talk, with the slideshow on Friday evening. The show is all day on Saturday.

I pondered how to approach my talk. In the end I decided to say very little and just show a lot of my quilts. I think that's what people really want—certainly not my philosophy of life and art! But having made that decision, I still wondered what the best way of organizing the pictures would be. Chronological was my first thought, but as I began to sort through what I have, I began to see subject categories, so I have organized them that way. The slides above are about half of the show. You can see nature, beetles, still life, birds, people. The Twelve by Twelve quilts and project will comprise most of the second half. 

These are, by no means, all of the pieces I have made over the years. I am pretty surprised, however, at how many there are.

Putting together this visual collection is something I probably should have done a long time ago. I'm glad I had this incentive to finally do it. Many of these quilts are no longer in my possession, so it is interesting to see what the progression and sidetracks and thinking has been and how they all fit together. I never much thought of myself as working in "series" but it looks like I have.

For more information about the show, go to the MPS web site.


  1. Quite prolific, I'd say!Interesting, and very rewarding to see all of your work in one place. Your style really speaks to me, and I agree with the "less talk, more show," I for one want the "how" on the process.

  2. I always enjoy seeing the cross-over from life to work. What was happening in an artists life and the world in general when the pieces were created. Usually the artist's perspective on life and art show through pretty clearly.

    I went to the website - I can't find when your talk will be. At the Mittlemen center, right? What time? Can you email me?

  3. Your work is inspiring...thank you for sharing it with us. And I am so happy to see guilds introduce quilting to beginner quilters.

  4. It would be nice if you posted your PowerPoint presentation after you give it to the guild. I believe many of your followers would be interested in viewing it.

  5. Yes, I see the bird that got away from me. Wish I could see your presentation. Some of us are interested in your philosophy on life. That's why we keep coming back here. O.k. and for the art!

  6. What a wonderful honor. #1 have a blast! your work speaks for itself. I know there will be lots of questions at the end of the presentation!