Saturday, July 30, 2011

It looks tiny!

Yesterday a crew showed up and spent all day building concrete forms for the studio/greenhouse. Yes, greenhouse. I think in my excitement I failed to mention that the structure will include my studio and a greenhouse for Ray. He refers to it as "the greenhouse." I refer to it as "the studio!"  Ha!

Anyway, it was pretty fascinating to watch them pull the components from a big flatbed truck and Lego together the forms. When they finished it looked small. Tiny, even. I was not worried. I have experienced this growing/shrinking phenomenon before when we have built buildings or added rooms. On paper it looks vast. The hole looked big. The forms look small. I expect the poured concrete will look a different size and so on until it is finished. The illusion was so striking, though, that Ray took his big tape measure out and measured. Yes, it is exactly the right size.

From another angle:

It is not a large studio, but I think it will be just right for me. I make small work. I don't do a lot of big space hogging stuff like dyeing or printing with a press. I do need storage space. There will be a small loft over the studio which will probably end up mostly as storage space.

The little bump out at the top right will be a small bathroom. It doesn't look big enough right now, but I know it will be! Here's a drawn on copy of the photo, which gives you an idea of what you are seeing here.

Ha! I don't know how illuminating that is. I know the loft is confusing. Imagine that it is floating above the studio with a stairway down the right side.


  1. Oboy, finally! Can't wait to see it framed up!

    We just got our building permit; work starts the week we're in Tacoma. Yikes.

  2. Very exciting! Beautiful setting too. I stood inside a room with studs, but no drywall and swore the contractors had built it wrong. He told me it would feel much larger once the drywall was added and he was right. Strange how that works.

  3. This is so exciting. You must be just busting!

  4. And now the fun begins. It looks as if it is going to be a wonderful space for you and your husband. It will be finished before you know it. Thankfully it is not tearing up your house to build it.

  5. Oh Terry, you must be very excited! ;-) And you have a potty room too! (I have to come back to the house - only a few steps away, but it's a drag) My wet studio is half of a building which my husband refers to as 'the shed'......I hate that name and find 'the studio' to sound so much more appealing!
    Can't wait to see more progress! Post lost of pictures!


  6. Peg Howard5:14 AM

    I too have a stand alone studio- with a loft. I must say I love my loft!!! I can picture it completely. IT is a little extra money for a big bang for your buck.

    Enjoying your journey.