Monday, July 18, 2011

It's a Heart!

This is what we purchased at the Salem Art Fair. This is a piece by Linda Thorson of Seattle. These are cast using architectural detail concrete and can be hung outside or inside. I loved the detail and I always love hearts. Couldn't decide whether to put it inside or outside and finally decided to hang it inside where I can see it more often. I hung it next to the Goines poster. I like the way they speak to each other, both the color and how the heart shape echos the shape of the leaves in the poster. I think I need something else to hang with them. I'm sure I have something around here!


  1. I love your Goines Poster!! I have several prints that I bought when I was at grad school at Cal Berkeley.

  2. Anonymous6:00 AM

    The heart is lovely. Good choice. Nice arrangement.